Torc Treatments

One of the most powerful body contouring device. Ideal for Spa, Fitness Centers, Body Contoruing centers and clinics. 

Technical Spec

  • 4 Outputs, 16 PADS

  • Preprogrammed Levels, Protocols, Programs

  • Independent Output control to treat multiple area

  • Patented waveforms and protocols

  • FDA Cleared for Medical Spa and Day Spa


TORC BODY contouring device

For professional use only

TorcBody is FDA cleared bio-electrical stimulation device with patented waveforms and protocols, bringing non-invasive body contouring. TorcBody is only FDA cleared device that provides immediate visible results for Inch loss, toning and firming of the abdomen, thighs, legs and arms. 


Torc uses bioelectrical stimulation to build muscle tone, combat pain, and promote endurance. In combination with your active lifestyle, Torc can bring you sustainable inch loss, increased muscle definition, and better posture and balance. 

Torc mimics the body’s natural bio-electricity to work out muscles much more safely and effectively than a triditonal workout. Torc’s patented protocols of EMS and microcurrent penetrate the deep-rooted muscular structure of the body, bringing definition and core muscle strength to targeted areas.

Benefits of TORC Treatments

Torc can help tone and shape your abs, buttocks, shoulders and thighs. In clinical trials using the 7e Torc system, patients lost an average of 1.6 inches per session! Torc has been deemed 100% safe by the FDA and is completely noninvasive.


Dr. Andre Berger, MD, Rejuvalife, Beverly Hills, CA


Dr. Joseph Daher. Advanced Chiro Wellness Center