The Story behind the Technology

True to the East Indian culture, 7E Wellness was born with holistic traditional roots, inherited philosophies, and the science of technology for the health and wellness of the human race.

This is Our Story…
Health and wellness has always been the top priority for Pooja Johari, a native of India and CEO of 7E Wellness. Raised in the balanced environment of yoga and meditation, Pooja sought after a concept of combining the holistic tradition of her roots with the modern-day science of technology.

Her Indian tradition teaches that at sunrise begin the day with prayer, meditation and yoga to set the intention for the day. This practice clears the mind while aligning and balancing the body. Healthy living equates to a heathy body. Understanding that the mind controls the body, the goals are that one must condition the mind, maintain a healthy diet, poses stress-free thinking, establish positive habits and a consistent practice of all. It is her everlasting passion and determination to provide the opportunity to all human beings to experience humbling peace and a healthy balance from within.

Before she began her career in the Aesthetics and Microcurrent industries, Pooja earned her master’s degree in biomedical engineering. This gave her the insight to the bond between technology and the energy controlled by the body. In 2011, she decided that it was time to introduce to the world, devices that would assist professionals and individuals in achieving these goals for overall health of body, peace of mind and contentment of the spirit. She shifted gears in her career from the development of medical devices and began to focus engineering for another purpose; Health and wellness. She asked herself, what does the vision of health and wellness look like for people? The answer was simple. The 7 Elements of Wellness. The 7E Wellness concept introduces the mind to a healthy state by calming the brain electrical charge and opening channels of energy to supply the cells of the body. The name 7E reflex the 7 elements of fitness and wellness.

Element 1: Exercise for energy for the muscles.
Element 2: Kriya-Cleansing of the body.
Element 3: Flexibility-Neur-Muscular relief to strengthen the body.
Element 4: Inner Peace-To Balance the mind, body and spirit.
Element 5: Healthy Lifestyle-Balanced diet, balanced life activities, balanced thinking.
Element 6: Positive Energy-Breathing techniques for nourishment and self-connection.
Element 7: Deep Relaxation-Through various scientific modes deep relaxation can be established.

7E Wellness’ catalog of devices open the doors for a number of personal service workers in the profession of: skin care, medical aesthetics spas, massage therapy, body therapist, physician practice, acupressure therapist, medical personnel, resorts, salons, day spa, health spas,