Part 4 | Segment 3 | Healing with Modalities and Devices
Part 4 - Segment 3 | Healing



The third 15-minute segment is referred to as the healing segment with facial modalities. There are several modalities that can be utilized to: heal, nourish, tighten, firm, tone, relax, lift and deposit essential nutrients into the skin.


During this segment, you will have to decide on one or more of the following:

  1. LED - heat penetration, at a variation of wavelength, with many benefits depending on the color of light used.
  2. Microcurrent - for all skin types and conditions to restore the skin, stimulate ATP, to firm, tighten, lift and induce cellular regeneration.
  3. Radio Frequency - facial muscle “lifting” effects on laxed muscles.
  4. Microneedling - implemented channels created into the skin for product penetration.
  5. Indirect High-Frequency - massage using gloves with high-frequency gloves.    

Summary: Skincare treatments have moved into the millennium of technology with various facial modalities. Depending on the need of the client, the choice of the appropriate modality will heal and nourish the skin. This can expedite the results of the treatment and prolong the results.

deciding which facial modalities are best

That’s all for the healing segment of our blog and we will continue our series by discussing the facial process with segment four: Hydrate and Nourish.

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