All-in-One Integrated Therapy Equipment used in Wellness Centers

TORC EMS Sculpt and Body Contour Machine


The 7E Wellness TORC Plus EMS Sculpt and Body Contouring machine has integrated all-in-one equipment and combines Western Technology and Eastern Therapies to offer five, integrated and customized treatments for health, fitness and well being of the body in a natural way.

Treatments can be performed individually or in conjunction with other treatments making the 7E TORC Plus the most comprehensive treatment available for overall wellness.

The Five Treatments available on the TORC Plus:

  1. The 7E Most effective and efficient abdominal
  2. Muscle re-education and rehabilitation
  3. The most efficient and effective abdominal exrecise
  4. Weight Loss
  5. Relaxation and stress reduction

Total fitness without exercise EMS Sculpt and body contour

1. The 7E most effective and efficient abdominal exercise program EVER:

This 7E treatment program provides a very effective and efficient workout for the abdominals giving muscle definition and body inch loss. In conjunction with movement the 7E program re-educates the movement pattern and facilitates both transverse and lateral motion. The 7E program works with the functional fascia to give a wider range of movement almost like repeat kettle ball movements.

The 7E most effective and efficient abdominal workout:

  • Highly effective at muscle definition
  • Increased range of motion
  • Re-educate muscle movement
  • Equivalent to more than 500 reps

2. The 7E Muscle Re-education and Rehabilitation Program components:

The 7E program for Re-education and Rehabilitation provides 8 sessions of muscle toning and strengthening for those post-natal, with retained fluid problems and those moving into a more active life style. Using torsional tightening the lymphatic drainage is promoted. Gradually increasing transverse and lateral muscle movement tones and tightens the body.

Muscle reeducation and rehabilitation with EMS body sculpt

The 7E Muscle Re-education and Rehabilitation:

  • Highly effective post-natal to tighten and strengthen
  • Promotes lymphatic drainage and release stored fluids
  • Begin healthier lifestyle
  • Re-educate muscle movement
  • Equivalent to more than 500 reps

Weight Loss without exercise EMS sculpt machine

3. 7E Weight Loss Program Components:

In the 7E weight loss program the use of the CES technology places an emphasis on hormonal rebalancing. Also a balancing of testosterone and estrogen has been documented. Also in the CES monograph are many examples of the use of CES for treating insomnia, a FDA cleared application of CES. Insomnia is associated weight gain.

The bio-electrical stimulation can aid detoxification by promoting lymphatic drainage. Bio-electrical stimulation can re-educate muscles and increase stamina and strength. CES also enhances our protocols and contributes to the immediate and long lasting results of our body strengthening and reconditioning.

The 7 E Weight Loss Program Components:

  • Hormonal balancing of estrogen and testosterone and reduction of cortisol
  • Lymphatic drainage increased aiding detoxification
  • Core strengthening and inch loss immediate and cumulative
  • Reduced Insomnia (Insomnia is often associated weight gain)

4. Relaxation and Stress reduction

This 7E treatment program utilizes the CES modality to produce a relaxed but alert state which has been studied over the last 50 years. FDA cleared for insomnia, depression, anxiety and well know for reduction of addictions and fatigue this modality leads to a healthier well being. Used in conjunction torsional muscle tightening, lymphatic drainage for detoxification is an important adjunct.

relaxation and stress reduction with EMS sculpt microcurrent therapy

The 7E Relaxation and Stress reduction Program Components

  • Hormonal balancing of estrogen and testosterone and reduction of cortisol
  • Reduced Insomnia and possible addiction reduction
  • Detoxification
  • Reduce fatigue

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