How TORC Helps in Building Lean Muscle Mass

EMS Sculpt for lean muscle mass

Lean Muscle Mass

 “Increase your strength beyond your natural limits! Twenty percent maximum strength gains in three weeks! Break through your training plateau!”

Sounds too good to be true, but all this is possible with the proper use of bio-electrical stimulation (BES) delivered by TORC. BES has been used in former Communist Bloc countries for sports training since the early 1950s, but Western countries only became aware of its use in 1973, when Dr. Y. Kots of the Central Institute of Physical Culture in the former USSR presented a paper on this technology at Concordia University in Montreal. There he outlined the tremendous potential for strength enhancement beyond which was possible by traditional (voluntary) training methods.

Kots was able to show, using a tensiometric device, that the muscle tension produced in a maximal BES contraction can be up to 30% higher than a maximal voluntary contraction. This finding was corroborated by independent studies and makes intuitive sense, given the nature of the body's energy conservation system.

Since individual muscle fibers can be completely exhausted in just a few seconds, the body has adopted several strategies to prolong endurance. Slow twitch (red) fiber is used first in voluntary contractions, as it is energy efficient, though not very powerful. Then only enough strong, but voracious, fast twitch (white) fiber is added to handle the load.

In addition, muscles work their individual fibers in relays, always holding some back from even the most demanding load to maintain a reserve. Therefore, it's impossible to voluntarily contract all fibers simultaneously. The order of recruitment makes it likely that most of the fibers held in reserve will be white.

Bio-electrical stimulation works directly on the muscles, bypassing the body's energy conservation system, thus there's no limit to the percentage of fiber that can be activated. The bio-electrical stimulus "spills over" from fully contracted fiber to activate remaining fiber (given sufficient current) allowing the client to experience a training stimulus that's unattainable by any other means.

The supra-maximal nature of this exercise enhances the strength to weight ratio by favoring enhanced recruitment over cross-sectional growth and also optimizes fiber splitting and the conversion of intermediate fiber to white fiber, the "Holy Grail" of power training. So the thing to think about with BES is density, not size. Think of it as maximal strength training and not hypertrophy training.

Also keep in mind that BES is for large muscle groups only. Although an expert might be able to pull it off, the average user will not be able to use it on small muscle groups like the biceps, triceps and calves.

BES can also be used to aid in a weight loss program and for detoxification and reduction edema.

Weight Loss and enhanced detoxification


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