Adriana is Happy and Pain-Free with the Help of the TORC EMS Sculpt Microcurrent Machine



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I would recommend trying 7e to anyone wanting to lose inches or help with muscle tone.

Thanks so much!!!

Adrian T.

In 1999 while in the Marines, I injured my hip/leg pretty bad. By not exercising or really able to, and eating badly I gained weight. In addition, they had me on several medications. After approximately 9 to 10 years of being over 200 pounds, I decided it was time to get the weight off. I could barely walk I was miserable.

Approximately four years ago I started using 7e. I was on the verge of losing weight myself as I weighed about 240 pounds. On my own, I had lost approximately 100 pounds in a year’s time but was still having problems with my left hip/leg muscle. It was a week and still didn’t act like it wanted to support me. I was still not sleeping well, and still having lower back pain.

I actually started coming to 7e because of an ad I had seen for inch loss and toning. I had tried so many other things out there with failure that I did not have my hopes up. By coming to 7e within a couple treatments I was able to start walking so much better. After a few more I was able to walk without using my cane. I felt like I had more energy and I was seeing my skin tighten up from my weight loss. This was a big deal for me. I can walk better now than I had in the past ten years. I wasn’t expecting it to work like a therapy.

I've been coming to 7e on and off for the last 4 years. For that 30-40 minute session, I am pain-free and relaxed. If I am flared up with my sciatica issue the Torc seems to help it. I will always have hip and lower back problems. However, by coming to 7e it makes my life easier and more enjoyable. I feel that the Torc helps with the muscle and tissues I damaged, and it helps by reliving some of my nerve pain.

It’s funny I never seem to get used to watching my muscles contract or my legs move. I love the tingly sensation you get after you’re done. It’s like you’re still hooked up on the machine. The ladies at 7e Greenwood are amazing and help in any way to make sure you’re comfortable. They go above and beyond to be accommodating. That’s something you don’t see much in businesses anymore.

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