Spa Profile: Maria Anne at MAC's Lash & Skin Studio

March 05, 2019

Spa Profile: Maria Anne at MAC's Lash & Skin Studio | 7E Wellness

Welcome to our series of Spa Profiles. Each month we will highlight a successful woman in the beauty industry and dive deeper into the journey that got them to where they are today!

In today's blog, we chat with Maria Anne at MAC's Lash & Skin Studio in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Here is our exclusive interview with her. Enjoy!

7E:Let's start with the basics! Can you tell us a little bit about your business?

MA: My spa is named MAC’s Lash & Skin Studio. I offer eyelash extensions, spray tan, makeup, microblading and skincare treatments including organic facial treatments, microcurrent, microdermabrasion, microchannel and Dermaplane. The skincare line I use is Eminence organics and it is absolutely amazing.

7E: Your services are endless! That's incredible! So, what led to your interest in the professional beauty industry?

MA: I have always loved anything dealing with fashion or beauty since I was a little girl. I love making other women feel beautiful in their own skin and boosting their confidence.

Maria Anne MAC's Lash & Skin Studio

7E: And how long have you been practicing in the aesthetics and beauty industry?

MA: I have been in the beauty industry for 15 years.

7E: Think back to the beginning for us, what was your biggest challenge starting your career?

MA: Overcoming myself. I am an extreme perfectionist and that is a GREAT thing but can also be your biggest enemy inside your head.

7E: Absolutely! So many of us are our own worst critics, and I think it holds many of us back from pursuing our dreams. We are happy you were able to overcome that! Once you got going, what was the biggest challenge in running your business and obtaining a steady clientele and how did you overcome it?

MA: Marketing. Today all marketing is done through social media marketing - I study spas like mine and learned techniques on how post and hashtag to get followers to see our work and gain trust in us. Maintaining a clientele has been through our work that we perform and our customer service. I believe in treating our clients with exceptional customer service!

7E: What do you feel is the most rewarding part of your job?

MA: Making women feel gorgeous! Seeing their eyes light up when they see themselves after the service we performed! It’s truly amazing ❤️

Esthetician Room Maria Anne at Mac's Lash & Skin Studio

7E: Everyone deserves to experience that feeling of beauty. What a gift! How do you make your purchase decisions, such as the microcurrent machine?

MA: I do a lot of homework on the product before I buy. Is it organic, nautically based ingredients, what side effects will it have and I won’t purchase if there are any negative side effects. I want to know what it does why it’s so great and I want to see the results before I make a purchase.

7E: And we're sure your clients are grateful for the research you put in. How has microcurrent benefited your business?

MA: The MyoLift has been incredible for my business. People see instant results. They leave me seeing and feeling their face instantly lifted and toned and bright!

MyoLift Microcurrent Machine used at Mac's Lash & Skin Studio
7E: We love hearing that! Okay, Maria Anne, here's our last question for you. What are your top 3 tips for any person considering diving into the beauty and aesthetics industry today?

MA: It is an incredible industry to be in!

  1. It takes PASSION to be a phenomenal esthetician. You have to know what makes the skin perform from the inside and the outside. I teach my clientele how to take care of their self from the inside as well as the outside. Foods to eat and foods to avoid to help certain skin issues. Proper at home regimen to see continued results in between services. 

  2. Never stop learning. Read and study every day. Always strive to be better than the day before.

  3. Customer service is huge. Always strive to make your clients feel exceptional ❤️


Maria Anne
(412) 515-3802


We are humbled to work with determined, passionate and intelligent professionals and hope that this insight can give you guidance and clarity on your own journey through the beauty industry.
Know an esthetician, spa owner or beauty industry professional we should interview next? Please contact us at to give them the exposure they deserve!

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