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What is the difference between Galvanic and Microcurrent?

We think it's time to really dive into the difference between Galvanic Current and Microcurrent.

What is "True Microcurrent"?

There's microcurrent... and then there's True Microcurrent. 

Pinch & Hold VS Slide & Glide for Microcurrent

Is there really a difference between having a single probe delivering the current vs two applicators? Absolutely!

What is the Difference: MyoLift™ MD vs MyoLift™ 600

This should give you some direction on which microcurrent machine is best for your esthetics business!

What is the Difference: MyoLift™ Mini vs MyoLift™ 600

The major differences between MyoLift™ Mini and the brand new MyoLift™ 600.

We've Partnered up with The Organic Esthetician!

"I hope to help educate everyday consumers on how to properly care for their skin, taking away some of the confusion ...

How to use Conductive Gloves with MyoLift Microcurrent Machine

To make sure you are providing the best quality results with your conductive gloves, follow the instructions given here!

How do I get my Microcurrent Certification online?

We know your focus is on building a loyal client base and that tends to overshadow your other interests and needs (li...

3-Step Eye Mask Protocol for a Lunchtime Lift

Our eye mask is the hottest accessory we have available and our customers are constantly raving about the additional ...

Which is right for me: MyoLift Mini or MyoLift MD?

We want to make sure you have a clear picture of each machine and make the best decision for your business. Use the i...

The Difference between Microcurrent & Radio Frequency

In this blog we'll share a brief summary of each treatment, and give a quick comparison of the two!

I don't know how to use MyoLift microcurrent machines... should I still buy?

You have had your eye on microcurrent machines for a while and are eager to bring these services to your treatment ro...