As a busy Spa owner and aesthetician, you struggle to make all your clients happy. You go out of your way to squeeze an appointment for your loyal client who is going out on a vacation and wants last minute facial.  You are stuck in the facial room while everyone else is enjoying a beautiful summery day at the beach.

 Well, it can change! Want to know how; follow these 3 steps:-

First Step: Instead of Facials go for Microcurrent Treatment:  

Regardless of whichever facial or anti aging skin care your client comes in for give them a microcurrent therapy.  As an aesthetician, your work will be done in just 35 instead 60 minutes. 7E Myolift microcurrent devices come with a timer that will keep you up on schedule when you tend to lose track of time.

Using Myolift on each client will not only save time but also benefit you as an aesthetician in multiple ways

  1. Saves your energy in bringing WOW results. Myolift will get your consistent results without bringing strain to your hands.
  2. Visible results that make you technology savvy in the eyes of your clients.                                                                 

 Second Step: Educate your clients about skin issues 

One of the major skin problems is ageing and wrinkles caused due to sun damage. Most of the clients think applying sunscreen solves the issue. What they don’t realize is that suncreen can just reduce 80% of the sun damage. Use the magic wands of 7e Myolift device and reduce the sun damage issues of your clients.

Read more on how microcurrent helps heal sun damaged skin

 Third Step: Make loyal customers with 7e Myolift 

You may have attempted to sell a bundle of beauty packages to your clients and failed. Try selling your clients a package of 10-12 facials after giving them a Myolift microcurrent facial. After seeing the immediate skin improvement, your clients would be eager to buy the packages and this way you will make more bucks per customer instead of more appointments per day.