What is Ayurveda?
Ayurveda has become a Buzz word for most of the clients looking for natural holistic approach to lifestyle. Then why not offer them an Ayurveda facial? 

The basic tenet of Ayurveda is that your health should be treated with holistic, natural therapies tailored to your needs. In addition to supplementing the physical body with Ayurvedic herbs, Ayurveda focuses on balancing the mind and spirit to achieve inner harmony.

What is the 5 Steps Facial Kit?
Hand made in Colorado with 100% Organic ingredients the “Laziyoga Facial Kit” is designed to bring refreshed youthful skin and long lasting beauty that’s inside out.

Step 1: 7e Laziyoga Scalp Toner: increases blood circulation, stimulates lymph drainage and awakens marma beauty points helping nourish the being.

Step 2: 7e Laziyoga Herbal Mask: detoxifies and dissolves the dead skin similar to an organic enzyme peel.

Step 3: 7e Laziyoga Ampule: This is very powerful liquid cocktail, made in Germany, contains 14 anti-oxidants in nano-molecular formulation, which is extremely hydrating and penetrates the skin immediately. 

Step 4: 7e Myolift microcurrent treatment (recommended). Not included in this kit we recommend using organic ayurvedic conductive gel with true microcurrent to bring facial toning and lifting

Step 5: 7e Laziyoga Herbal Oil: Ayurvedically made with organic Angelica root, almond oil and sesame oil it has healing and hydrating properties that helps replenish youthful appearance.