1. Non-Invasive Facelift Produces Positive, Sustainable Results.
Microcurrent facelifts are an all natural procedure that helps to improve the muscle tone in the face and neck, and also reduces lines and wrinkles. Microcurrent facelifts will help people look younger, but they will still have a natural look. Within a couple weeks, there will be a noticeable, not a drastic, difference on the face. Even people in their 20’s are using the microcurrent non-invasive facelift as a proactive measure. The one thing to remember is, microcurrent facelifts are not a quick fix solution as it takes about four to six weeks to maximize results and produce sustainable results. In addition to elimination of wrinkles and improving muscle tone, microcurrent facelifts improve facial circulation, skin exfoliation, lymphatic drainage, sun damage, and skin pigment. 

2. Microcurrent Facelifts Promote a Firm and Hearty Face.
What makes microcurrent facelifts effective? They release small electrical impulses, which enables the body’s natural skin enhancement chemicals at the cellular level. The microcurrent facelift helps to activate the natural chemicals such as amino acids and ATP for health and vitality by repairing cells and promoting healthier cell production. These electrical impulses encourage production of elastin and natural collagen. The big advantage microcurrent technology has over cosmetic surgery is there is no side effects and it produces a healthy face because everything is naturally done. 

3. Microcurrent Non-Invasive Facelifts are 100% safe to use and it is very easy.
Microcurrent technology has been deemed safe by the FDA since 1999. Unlike cosmetic facelifts, there are no side effects and the whole process is painless. With cosmetic surgery, there are many risks and going under the knife is always a frightening ordeal. Microcurrent facelifts are the total opposite. The way microcurrent facelifts work is a therapist will use electrodes disperse the electrical impulses to the target area. Instead of being painful, the electrical currents relaxes the body.

4.Microcurrent Facelifts Have Been Proven. They Do Work!
It has been proven by clinical studies that microcurrent facelifts do actually work. According to studies done by the University of Washington on microcurrent facelifts, there was a 14% increase production of natural collagen, a 48% increase in natural elastin production, and 38% increase in blood circulation over the course of 20 days of treatment. Whereas with a cosmetic facelift, there is a dramatic change, but there are no health benefits and there are many side effects. Not to mention, cosmetic surgery is much more expensive than a microcurrent facelift.