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Cyber Monday

7e Myolift with Eye Mask

FDA cleared most professional grade true microcurrent that’s portable and affordable.

Myolift with Eye Mask

  • 7e Myolift microcurrent Machine
  • BONUS Eye Mask
  • Handhelp Applicators
  • 4 Oz Conductive Seaweed Gel
  • Wall Adapter for charging only
  • Guide, Manual & Charts for reference
  • 22% OFF + FREE Shipping when you APPLY Promo Code EC2017 at the time of checkout
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Reduces wrinkles & fine lines

Lifts droopy eyelids

Reduces dark circles & puffiness

Strengtens & lifts the skin

Tightens & reduces open pores

Improves skin color & texture

Diminishes scar tissue

Increases production of ATP


Clinical Model for Spa/Salon/MD spa

7e Myolift Ultra


7E Myolift Ultra is the most advanced microcurrent technology on the market. It is EASIEST to work with, FASTEST to learn and SIMPLEST to use device. If you are an esthetician offering skin therapy for more than 2yrs and have established a following of clients that are looking for RESULTS for different skin conditions then you need 7E Myolift Ultra CLINICAL true microcurrent device to cater to all different skin conditions.

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Preset protocols for Acne, Anti-aging, Facial rejuvenation and wrinkle reduction.

Clean and simple programs that are easy to operate and understand.

Specific waveform for Lymphatic drainage to detoxify the skin before bringing lifting effects.

7 unique waveforms targeting different layers of the skin. Each waveform is named after the application it is used for.

Brings Wow Results for each of your client whether they come for anti-aging, acne treatments, edema reduction or faster healing

Non-invasive beauty regimen with no downtime from Myolift Ultra will lead to increased revenues and sales.

Myolift Ultra Demo Video

Watch this 21min video to see the details before you purchase.