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  • 7e Microcurrent Device
  • 1-BONUS Conductive Gloves
  • 1-BONUS QuickLift Applicator
  • Handheld Applicators
  • 4 oz Conductive Seaweed Gel
  • Wall Adapter for charging only
  • Guide, Manual, Facial Charts for reference


7e Myolift is a FDA cleared clinically proven system that uses true micro-current to work out the facial muscles to re-educate them. It is the Best Microcurrent Facial Machine for toning, firming, and lifting of the facial skin. It is a professional grade device because it brings professional results and is a portable as well as an affordable machine. All these specifications make this machine the most reliable and the Best Microcurrent Facial Machine.


Eye Mask

Unlike, the eye masks available in the market, 7e Eye Mask rests over the face without applying heaviness. The eye mask is designed to maintain health of autonomic nervous system to soothe the tired and puffy eyes. An ideal to carry along on travel and long trips, this eye mask is the perfect choice for napping and giving rest to your eyes.



Conductive Gloves

Conductive gloves enables to upgrade a microcurrent facial treatment into massage sessions. A microcurrent session with these antimicrobial gloves will help to transmit low-level electrical stimulation to go deep into the skin tissues leading to the faster reduction of fine lines and wrinkles.

QuickLift Applicator

The Quick Lift Applicator allows for multiple output device attachment. Apart from the handheld probes attached with microcurrent devices, one has the option to add Quick Lift Applicator to perform microcurrent therapy. The applicator covers more surface area to be treated and the probes can be used to treat small sections of the face.