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FDA cleared true microcurrent device for facial toning and firming. 7E Myolift is a true microcurrent technology provides a re-education to muscles.This portable device delivers professional results that are immediate and cumulative. 7E Myolift with it’s two separate programs is the best facial exercising device on the market delivering professional grade results, whether used at home or in a spa setting.

best microcurrent machine

What is True Microcurrent

true microcurrent

True microcurrent should not be felt. There should be no twitching or stinging of the muscles and the treatment should not be painful. True microcurrent when delivered with the pinch and hold technique provides re-education of the muscles. This is achieved by targeting the origin and insertion points of the muscles whereby delivering best Facial Pilate to the muscles. The current is supposed to be so tiny, within the range of 0-500uamp, then it helps build ATP which is the energy of the skin cells bringing visible and cumulative results

What are the benefits of Microcurrent?

benefits of Microcurrent

True microcurrent delivered through Myolift will help 

1. Anti-Aging Gracefully by stimulating the existing collagen and reducing the appearance of fines lines.

2. Reduces the scar tissue built up helping to correctively reduce appearance of stretch marks or acne scarring 

3. Shortens the elongated muscles to bring lifting and toning effect on the face 

4. Lengthens the corrugated muscles to help reduce fine lines 

5. Boosts the Elastin protein and collagen production to help plump up the tissue  

How often should the treatments be given to get results?

treatment for best results

Myolift is a FDA cleared non-invasive treatment delivering true microcurrent . Visible results will depend on age factor, skin condition and hydration levels. Myolift is safe and effective to be used on a daily basis. However, your clients may not be able to get the professional treatments everyday. So for older clients you need to have aggressive treatments by getting them 2-3 times a week treatement. For younger clients you want to start with once a week treatment & then eventually give them maintenance facials. Every single time you give Myolift treatment you are delivering skin health. Results: Visible results seen on the first treatment can be dramatic on some clients and subtle on the other. Make sure to capture it in a picture and share it with your clients. You could also give treatment on half of their face and let them see their other half.  

Why Myolift ?


In the portable and affordable microcurrent device market Myolift stands out because of many reasons. 

1. Myolift offers Pinch-and-hold technique which is essential to deliver microcurrent in the belly of the muscle to re-educate and help in anti-aging facial therapy. 

2. We have 43 facial muscles on our entire face which we use daily to express ourselves to the world. These facial muscles are in different directions and either need to be shortened or lengthened based on their position and use. Some muscles are contractile and others are elongated. Myolift offers 2 unique frequency specific waveforms to either shorten the muscles or lengthen it, bringing professional grade results.

3. Myolift offers visibility of the treatment through conductivity bar on the screen that helps you to visualize the delivery of the microcurrent. 


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