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Additional revenue with Self Love

Our MyoLift™ QT 3-Pack for retail extends the gift of easy-to-use facial treatments from home. For the Mothers who have given all their time to the loved ones in their life, MyoLift™ QT offers a realistic and results-oriented self-love treatment from home. When they find small breaks in their day, MyoLift™ QT will be there for them to get back in touch with what matters most: living their healthiest and happiest life.

What's included: (3 Sets of the following): Myolift QT Handheld Microcurrent Device, 1-Conductive Forehead Mask, 1-Conductive Eye Mask, 1-Conductive Lip Mask, 1-Lead Wire and one, 1-2oz ReStore Conductive Treatment Gel, 1-USB charging cable
*smartphone not included*
*Conductive Gloves not included*

Promotion: Myolift QT™ pack of 3 for $597


Exceed Expectations with amazing Results

You’re not like the rest. You are dedicated to offering the best of the best for hard-working Mothers all year long. Because of that, it’s time for MyoLift™ 600. This next-level True Microcurrent™ device re-energizes the facial muscles with a level of microamps they cannot achieve from at-home devices. It will leave your client’s skin refreshed, hydrated, lifted and toned. They will remember you for this all year round. 

What's included: MyoLift™ 600 True Microcurrent™ Device, 4oz ReStore Gel, 4oz ReNu Gel, 4oz ATP Booster Gel Mask, 4 - Conductive Eye Masks, 4 - Conductive Lip Masks, 1 - Charger, Access to Online Support Portal, 1 - Access to Online Microcurrent Certification Course"

Promotion: Myolift™ 600 ATP KIT + Microcurrent Certification Class for $889