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Eye Mask Conductive Patch
Eye Mask Conductive PatchEye Mask Conductive PatchEye Mask Conductive Patch

Easy to use Facial Mask for Microcurrent Face Lift

Super easy to apply microcurrent treatment on the forehead, around the eye and cheek. One of the most innovative idea to apply microcurrent on entire face. Reusable for up to 10 times.

Quick Tip: Add little water and re-use up-to 20 times

Conductive Gloves
Conductive GlovesConductive GlovesConductive Gloves

Used with Myolift and Myolift Ultra Microcurrent

Improve Your Microcurrent Result using 100% silver threaded super easy to use conductive gloves. Low Resistance and easy to glide.

Conductive gloves enable to upgrade a microcurrent facial treatment into massage sessions. A microcurrent session with these antimicrobial gloves will help to transmit low-level electrical stimulation to go deep into the skin tissues leading to the faster reduction of fine lines and wrinkles

Bio-Activator Gel
Bio-Activator GelBio-Activator GelBio-Activator Gel

100% Natural Calming Conductive Gel for Microcurrent 12 Oz

Bio-activator Gel optimizes the effectiveness of microcurrent facial treatment by ensuring smooth transmission of electrical waves to the skin. As it aids in immediate firming and lifting effect with each application, this enhanced spa-grade formulation works as a metabolic stimulant ideal for anti-cellulite and localized fat treatment. It can also be used in ultrasound, radio frequency, ultra cavitation, and electro-stimulation

    Resolve Clarifying Conductive Gel For Oily Skin with Bio-Active Complex
    ReNu Conductive Tx Gel For Dry Skin with Bio-Active Complex
    Restore Anti-aging Conductive Gel with Bio-Active Complex