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Infuse Your Spa With 

Professional Microcurrent Treatments

Amazing Application of Myolift Ultra

Reduces appearance of wrinkles and fine lines 

Lifts droopy eyelids 

Reduces dark circles and puffiness 

Strengthens and lifts 

Tightens and reduces open pores 

Improves skin color and texture 

Diminishes scar tissue 

Gives skin youthful appearance & increase blood circulation

MD  Master Device

As an FDA-cleared and approved True Microcurrent™ device for the cosmetic and medical industries, this sophisticated and straightforward professional microcurrent machine provides owners with an array of treatment protocol options for the clients' skin health needs. 7E acknowledged the need for a professional microcurrent machine to fit the business models of high-end spas, salons, aesthetics clinics and the medical practice. We decided to fill the gap between the sub-standard microcurrent devices available on the market and the over-priced, outdated technology. After observing the ongoing challenges with microcurrent devices in today’s market, we went back to the drawing board to re-engineer, re-design, and modify our professional device to revolutionize the microcurrent industry. Both aestheticians and medical professionals alike are turning to MyoLift™ MD for its' advanced features to enhance their practices.

MyoLift MD Professional Microcurrent Machine for facial lifting and toning in spa

Unique Features

Easy to learn, simple to operate and fast in delivering results!

understanding waveforms of professional microcurrent machines


Eight waveform variations, including square, rectangular, symmetric, bi-phasic

true microcurrent technology is pain-free but delivers impressive results

Medically Designed True Microcurrent

No visible muscle contraction or stinging to the skin is needed to receive the desired results.

800 microamp microcurrent machine

Max Intensity

800 uA (Micro Amps)

microcurrent technology that targets specific skin conditions for maximum results

Pre-Set Protocols

Choose your application for specific skin conditions in a controlled time setting from seven pre-sets

easy to learn and operate professional microcurrent machine

Quick & Effortless

Easy to learn, simple to operate, fast in delivering results

relaxing microcurrent treatment with cumulative results


Treatments are relaxing yet powerful to show immediate and cumulative results

affordable zero percent financing for professional microcurrent machine


In-house, zero percent finance helps you own the MyoLift MD for less than $2,500

professional microcurrent machine backed by science

Backed by science*

With the precise waveforms you are able to target different parts of the skin for more in-depth application

Pre-Designed MyoLift™ Beauty Treatments

In addition to ample marketing material provided by 7E Wellness when you purchase your Myolift™ MD, our headquarters will set you up for success with protocol for three of our most popular beauty treatments.
The MyoLift™ Beauty Treatments are a collection of three categories of Myo-Facial microcurrent treatments.

MyoLift™ Glow is a single treatment that sets the standard for an instant reflection of beauty with a healthy glow. This specially designed treatment gives the face a lift & glow for any special event or as an introduction to MyoLift™ microcurrent.

MyoLift™ Trilogy is a series three non-invasive clinical eye & brow treatments dedicated to delicate muscles & tissue surrounding eye & brow areas.

MyoLift™ Classic is package of six treatments to take skin and facial muscles on the journey toward perfection and beauty. This beauty treatment is orchestrated to progressively improve muscle tone and skin perfection.

How Much does MyoLift™ MD Cost?

Total Retail Price


Financing Option

$275 / month

with $2,500 down payment