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Program Includes


  • MyoLift Microcurrent device
  • Conductive Gloves
  • Alligator Clips
  • Please Note: All demo items will be loaned out for three weeks


  • EGF Mask + Electrodes
  • 16oz Conductive Gel
  • Anti-Aging Peptide Serum
  • ATP Booster Mask
1 Hour Virtual Training
Custom protocol creation based on spa products and practices

Program Benefits

Ask questions +
Create Customized Treatments

Visually Witness
Microcurrent Facial Results

Test & Prove

Find Appropriate
Location Fit

Parameters To Participate

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3+ Locations

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First Time Client

3 Week

Trial Period

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Limited spots available, sign up now.

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“We are going to be launching within the next two weeks, and the customer service and training with Jacque has been great. She has answered all of my questions. Looking forward to providing this service very soon!



I bought my Myolift 600 almost two years ago. My clients are very happy with the results as well as myself! I highly
recommend it!

Microcurrent is my favorite service,
results are WOW!