Cotton Tip Lead Wire - Mini / 600

This Cotton Tip Lead Wire allows you to utilize 7E MyoLift™ Cotton Tip Probes for your 7E MyoLift™ Mini and / or 7E MyoLift™ 600 True Microcurrent™ device. Plug the USB end into your device and attach your Cotton Tip Probes into the other end to customize your microcurrent facial with 7E Cotton Tip Probes.

USB MyoLift™ Cotton Tip Lead Wire will connect with the following Microcurrent Devices:

  • MyoLift™ Mini
  • MyoLift™ 600
Works with: 7E MyoLift™ Mini and / or 7E MyoLift™ 600 Cotton Tip Probe Accessory only.
The Cotton Tip Lead Wire for MyoLift™ Mini and MyoLift™ 600 will not work with MyoLift™ MD Cotton Tip Probes. Please purchase the accompanying MyoLift™ MD Cotton Tip Lead Wire Accessory to utilize the MyoLift™ MD Cotton Tip Probes.
Additionally, this accessory will not work with 7E Conductive Masks or 7E Conductive Gloves. Please purchase the Lead Wire Accessory to utilize these accessories.