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Local Hands-On Training

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Request a local hands-on training with one of the 7E Educators and Trainers. These local trainings are available at your location or at a 7E Trainer location in the following areas: Southern California Areas, Miami Area, Phoenix Areas. These are the only local hands-on training zones at this point in time.

Meet a 7E Educator or Trainer at their location ($75 / hour) or have them come to your location ($100 / hour) to receive a better understanding of proper MyoLift probe movements, the benefits of utilizing accessories, and more!

Please use the drop-down menu to select your desired location for a local hands-on training with 7E Educators and Trainers. To add time to your training, please increase or decrease the quantity. (Quantity 1 = 1 hour, Quantity 2 = 2 hours, etc.)

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