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Are you a licensed esthetician, spa owner, or massage therapist?

7E Wellness has engineered two microcurrent devices specifically for professionals in the beauty industry. These FDA cleared devices have been designed with your clients in mind so you can offer them the best Microcurrent facial on the market.

Our Devices

We offer two professional devices, The MyoLiftTM 600 and The MyoLiftTM MD.
Both devices offer higher microamps than our consumer devices and can only be operated by a licensed professional. If you are looking for a more entry-level device that does not require a license, we recommend the MyoLiftTM Mini that is also widely used by professionals that are just starting out.

MyoLiftTM 600 vs MyoLiftTM MD

Intensity Range

175 to 600uA (Micro Amps)

ATP booster kit designed to work in a professional setting. It offers enhanced microcurrent intensity to empower the skin cells and muscle tissue. Ideal for Professionals working with anti-aging clients engaged in a series of 4 treatments.

Intensity Range

175 to 800uA (Micro Amps)

Delivers a powerful dose of energy into the skin cells and muscle tissue. Perfect for a single treatment before an event or a series of 6-10 treatments to build up ATP. Elastin and collagen, reduces inflammation, scar tissue and edema while improving skin texture. Notice wow results in the first treatment.

Wave Patterns

Frequency specific two waveforms that work on different layers of the muscles to either shorten them or lengthen them. It helps to work on toning, firming and boosting of the ATP to get desired results.

Wave Patterns

Frequency specific eight wave patterns used in circulation, lymphatic drainage, shortening and lenthening of the muscles. firming and product penetration.

4 Unique Protocols

4 pre-calibrated programs for ATP stimulation and the re-education of muscles for the treatment of aging skin.

7 Preset Programs

That includes applications for acne, wrinkle reduction, facial rejuvenation, fascia release, anti-aging, pre and post-op surgical procedures and face lifting.

How Do I Purchase A Device?

To purchase one of our professional devices you will need to show proof of a state license upon checkout including the license number and state in which you are licensed. All submissions will be verified.

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Education & Support Included

Our educators are working estheticians and can help you define the right protocol for your client

Increased ROI

Increase your facial price by 30% when offering a True Microcurrent treatment

Easy On Your Hands

Skip massaging products in as our MyoLift devices do it for you throughout the treatment

WOW Your Clients In The First Treatment Itself

Allows for on-demand education for your staff and students for true microcurrent education

Enhance Your Services With Our Accessories

Results Speaks For Themselves

True microCurrent machine myolifttm md Professional


- Organic skin studio

Hear What Esthetician Have To Say...

I upgraded my MyoliftTM Mini to the MyoliftTM 600 and am so happy with my decision. The higher microamps make a huge difference and my clients love the instant results.

We get rave reviews from our clients, and many have stopped using their at-home Nuface devices because they get much better results from the Myolift machines. If you own a spa I highly recommend investing in MyoliftTM MD, it has helped my business tremendously.

I noticed a huge difference the 1st time I used MyoliftTM 600. I have used other devices, but the results from MyoliftTM 600 were phenomenal. A happy client is the best marketing for an esthetician.