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True Microcurrent Technology by 7E Wellness

Professional Microcurrent Machines and Technology for Mind, Body and Skin Wellness

True Microcurrent Technology by 7E Wellness

At 7E Wellness we aim to provide the best microcurrent machines to health, wellness and beauty professionals worldwide. In recent years there has been a shift toward holistic approaches to beauty and wellbeing in place of invasive and surgical procedures. 7E Wellness supports aestheticians, weight-loss centers, medical spas and spa owners by providing education, training & ongoing innovative protocols with our FDA-cleared, non-invasive products. Whether you are a skin care enthusiast or a full-time professional, we are proud to deliver advanced microcurrent machines and products for your needs. Our MyoLift™ Mini device is portable and easy to operate for a quick touch up at home. MyoLift™ 600 is the latest True Microcurrent machine from 7E Wellness designed for professional use. Delivering true intensity ranging from 175 to 600 micro amps, this machine ignites the ATP stimulation and sets a standard for non-invasive technology and the ability to provide long-lasting, natural facial lifting and toning results.and our MyoLift™ MD is our professional microcurrent device for those looking to elevate their aesthetics business with eight unique programs for toning, lifting and firming.

For Aesthetics Educators:

Re-Define the future of Aesthetics with 7E Wellness Educational Systems. Our Educational Systems are designed to raise the bar in microcurrent education. Developed by a team of educational leaders,7E has perfected each class with lesson plans, presentations, trainingmanuals and supporting certification material for your students’comprehension and technical skills.

Lifting on Healthy Skin

Our mission is to provide aesthetics professionals with more than microcurrent machines. Our products and technology are designed to enhance the overall health of your clients' skin. Go above and beyond with our accessory line of specialized microcurrent conductive masks targeting trouble areas and our dual-action conductive treatment gels to provide a well-rounded and customized treatment that goes the extra mile to help your services stand out from the competition!

Where can I purchase 7E MyoLift™ Microcurrent Machine?
So you've done your research on the best microcurrent machines on the market and you've decided that 7E MyoLift™ is the perfect fit for your aesthetics business. Easy to learn Portable Pinch-and-Hold capability for optimal lifting results Conductivity bar to ensure conduction Pre-programed protocols We know this decision doesn't come...

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