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Professional Microcurrent Machines and
Technology for Mind, Body & Skin Wellness
Our Collection Now Includes MyoLift™ 600

PROFESSIONAL-GRADE Microcurrent To Elevate your Aesthetics Business

Whether you are a skin care enthusiast or a full-time professional, we are proud to deliver advanced microcurrent machines and products for your needs. Our MyoLift™ Mini device is portable and easy to operate for a quick touch up at home, and our MyoLift™ MD is our professional microcurrent device for those looking to take their business to the next level with eight unique programs for toning, lifting and firming. Get the run-down on all 7E Wellness products!

Introducing MyoLift™ 600 | An ATP Booster Kit

The FDA-Cleared MyoLift™ 600 is the latest True Microcurrent™ machine from 7E Wellness designed for professional use. Delivering true intensity ranging from 175 to 600 micro amps, this machine ignites the ATP stimulation and sets a standard for non-invasive technology and the ability to provide long-lasting, natural facial lifting and toning results.This powerful True Microcurrent™ machine for professionals is a perfect tool for boosting ATP for anti-aging, cellular repair, muscle re-education, skin firmness and tightening.

True Microcurrent™ technology by 7E Wellness

At 7E Wellness we aim to provide the best microcurrent machines to health, wellness and beauty professionals worldwide. In recent years there has been a shift toward holistic approaches to beauty and wellbeing in place of invasive and surgical procedures. 7E Wellness goes  We support aestheticians, weight-loss centers, medical spas and spa owners by providing education, training and ongoing innovative protocols with our FDA-cleared, non-invasive products.

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