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Why Beauty Schools Choose Us

Why Beauty Schools Choose Us

It is no secret that your academic organization requires a high-integrity company that offers both quality professional devices & a concrete curriculum that caters to today's esthetics industry. 7E Wellness has heavily researched the education aspect of our professional beauty industry and developed a unique & in-depth microcurrent educational curriculum for esthetics & cosmetology schools of the modern age.

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Our 7E Educational System Focuses On

Faculty Support

Consistent delivery of educational material is presented through enriched presentation and detailed instruction

Providing On-Going Support

7E guarantees the most up-to-date & effective information and materials are available to you and your students


Our goal is to blend microcurrent education with your schools curriculum goals

Digital Educational Portal

Allows for on-demand education for your staff and students for true microcurrent education

Professionally Designed

Professionally Taught

Using our FDA-cleared technology, we have designed a professional Microcurrent educational program that is comprehensive and well rounded, keeping all styles of esthetics curriculum in mind.

The 7E Wellness Educational System is designed to make life easier for esthetics educators and their students. This state accepted program comes with all the materials necessary to increase your students opportunity for gainful employment and mark your academy among the elite.

Reliable, high-quality Digital Student Portal, updated as technology and information advances develop

Hands-on education utilizing the most advanced clinical esthetics technology

FDA-Cleared, safe and effective technologies

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Hear What Our Clients Are Saying...

Using the Myolift. MD in the classroom has been great for introducing the students to advanced modalities that are result driven. Both students and clients love the results. Clients feel amazing and students feel accomplished because they can see results in real time.

- Tanya Webb | Bene's Career Academy

I am absolutely blown away with all of the curriculum work that you and your team have created. It is absolutely top notch and I think it will give our teaching faculty all of the support and resources that they need to roll out education for our student body

- Stacey B. Oetinger | Catherine Hinds Institute of Esthetics

I have chosen Myolift. in my school mostly because I've worked with Isable Calleros she was amazing at really explaining the machine to me and how this works, I felt confident and decided to buy 23 machine for my students at the New York school of esthetics, if I ever have any questions she always there to answer my questions and help me so I can provide the best education for my students. I would highly recommend her and this company.

- Nora Stone | NY School of Esthetics