Frequently Asked Questions

General Microcurrent FAQ

Shipping cost domestic?

We offer Domestic free shipping on selected products and USPS Group services. At this moment we do not offer expedite shipping. International shipments are dispatched using DHL worldwide express service. Customer is responsible for Custom and Duty Charges upon delivery. 

What is my warranty?

Please complete the instructions on the warranty card that you receive with your device by going to and scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking on Warranty Registration. Please complete the information on the Warranty Registration within 10 days of receiving product to activate your warranty. You will get an additional year free on your warranty by filling out the Warranty Information. Keep a copy of the warranty card and a copy of your receipt on file. You have a 30 day money back guarantee, and one year (plus one free year) limited warranty from the purchase date and upon successful activation of warranty card. The Limited warranty covers defects in material and workmanship under normal use and installation of equipment, subject to these terms and conditions. It does not cover the probes, charger, lead wire or accessories. 

Please contact us with any questions or concerns, we will respond within 48 hours to your request. 

Why do I need microcurrent? I know my clients are asking for it.

The primary benefits of MyoLift™ Microcurrent facial treatments are reduced signs of aging, improved skin tone and assistance in product penetration. Read more here!

What type of results will I see?

Most of our users see results after their first treatment; however, results may vary. We recommend taking before/after photos and lifting half of your face to compare. Results are cumulative and optimal results are achieved with regular use. Typical results improve contour along the jawline and cheeks, improved skin tone, softer, firmer and smoother skin with a reduction of fine lines and wrinkles 

Can microcurrent replace areas where we have fat loss?

No, microcurrent cannot fill in the areas of fat loss on the face but we can tighten the skin around the area and help to make the area look less hollow.

I'm getting a metallic taste in my mouth, is this normal?

Is microcurrent technology the same as galvanic treatment?

No. Microcurrent works to stimulate and tone the facial muscles. Microcurrent is also known to increase collagen, elastin, circulation, ATP and product penetration. Galvanic penetrates product deeper but does not benefit the facial muscles. You can read more about the differences on our blog!

Why doesn't microcurrent contract the muscles? How does it tone them if they don't contract? How much current will I feel?

Microcurrent is a low-level current that gently and passively stimulates the muscles, working at the sensory level. It is normal to not feel any sensation during your treatment. A slight tingling sensation may be felt in certain areas, due to the fact that facial sensitivity varies individually. You may get a metallic taste in your mouth area and see flashing lights around the orbital areas, which are perfectly normal and safe; lower or raise intensity to your needs.

If I'm planning cosmetic surgery or any other facial procedure, can I use microcurrent?

Yes, before your surgery; then please consult with your doctor as to time frame needed to recover from procedure to safely use microcurrent.

Can I use microcurrent if I've had Botox or Juvederm?

Microcurrent stimulates the muscles and activates them, while Botox freezes the muscles. If you’ve just had Botox done in a certain area, then you might need to avoid using microcurrent in that area, as it will start to undo the effect of Botox. However, if you are in the phase where the effect of Botox is running out, then microcurrent might be a better technology to use in that area to avoid usage of Botox altogether. It will take some time but your muscles will reactivate and help build tone and firmness, instead of getting more laxed due to Botox. There is no effect of microcurrent on Juvederm and it’s safe to use it. However, you should still consult your doctor.

Microcurrent and acne / scarring?

Microcurrent targets unwanted bacteria and acne scarring. Plus, it's effective in treating acne as it destroys the bacteria, while encouraging the healing process without harming healthy skin.

Can I use my device outside the US?

Yes. The power supply will accommodate 100-240vac and 50/60Hz which is compatible with virtually all countries. The device comes with a standard non-polarized two-prong plug; a plug adapter may be required for certain countries.

How much should I charge for a microcurrent session?

How much you charge for a session depends on your demographics. The average charge would be between $110 - $180. There is usually a break in the price if you purchase a specific amount of sessions.

How long is each treatment?

You need to allow about 45 minutes to one hour for your first initial treatment; an hour for following treatments and 30 minutes for maintenance treatments. You can customize your facials, at your discretion, depending on the modalities used.

What other modalities can microcurrent be used with?

Microcurrent can compliment all modalities that we use in the treatment room. Peels should be done after a microcurrent procedure because you don’t want to push the chemicals deeper into the skin. Whether your doing LED, nano-infusion, microdermabrasion, RF or Ultrasound, microcurrent is a great treatment to use.

Who is NOT a candidate for microcurrent?

- If you are pregnant or breastfeeding

- Have had heart surgery in the past year

- Have a pacemaker, metal implants or screws

- Recent facial operation or procedure

- All forms of “active” cancer (ok with note from doctor - No if on chemo or radiation) 

- Epilepsy, Diabetes, Heart Condition 

- Use of Retin-A (discontinue use three weeks prior to treatment)
- Under the age of 18

Myolift & MyoLIFT 600 FAQ

What is the intensity of the MyoLift™ Mini? MyoLift™ 600?

The MyoLift Mini goes up to 400 microamps. The MyoLift 600 goes up to 600 microamps. You must be a licensed esthetician to purchase the MyoLift 600. We will ask for a copy of your esthetician license.

I don't feel anything, is that normal?

Yes. True Microcurrent uses less than 1000 microamperes and because of it's low intensity, it typically is sub-sensory and cannot cause a physical or visual manipulation (contraction) of the muscle via the electrical current. When using the MyoLift or MyoLift 600, as long as the conductivity bar is solid, the current is flowing.

What is the difference between MyoLift Mini, MyoLift 600 and MyoLift MD?

• All of our devices are FDA cleared and give you the power of “True Microcurrent”

• The MyoLift Mini has two waveforms, one for tightening the muscle (Educate) and one for relaxing or lengthening the muscle (Erase). The intensity of the MyoLift Mini can be increased to 400 microamps. It retails for $269.

• The MyoLift 600 is our newest device. The intensity range is 175 to 600 uA (Micro Amps). There are two specific wave forms for lengthening or shortening of the muscles with two levels to boost the ATP stimulation for anti-aging. You must be a licensed esthetician to purchase this device and we do require a copy of your license.

• The MyoLift MD has eight wave forms, Circulation, Lymphatic Drainage, Erase, Educate, Light Lift, Deep Lift, Firming and Iontophoresis. It also has seven preset programs built into the device: Face Lifting, Wrinkle Reduction, Acne, Fascia Release, Pre/Post Surgery, Rejuvenation and Anti-Aging. This is the only device that has a specific waveform for Lymphatic Drainage. The intensity of the MyoLift MD can be increased to 800 microamps. You must be a licensed esthetician to purchase this device and we do require a copy of your license.

Where can I find the serial number for my MyoLift device?

The serial number is located on the back of your MyoLift device.

What is the difference between educate & erase?

EDUCATE (Shortens the muscles): This program helps you re-educate facial muscles. You will use this program in the areas where your muscles need to either get shorter or lifted, like cheekbones, eyebrows, nasolabial folds, and jowls, etc. There are two different levels. Start with Level 1 for 15-20 days before switching to Level 2 to get deeper rooted muscles toned. Entire face can be conducted.

ERASE (Lengthen the muscles): This program works to help erase fine lines. You will use this program in areas where you need to lengthen the facial muscles or remove wrinkles. Start with Level 1 for 15-20 days and then switch to Level 2.Thinner skin (between eyebrows (the 11 lines), crows feet, etc.) Great alternative for Botox. 

When, where, and how often do I use MyoLift Mini or MyoLift 600?

The Myolift Mini and Myolift 600 device are safe and gentle enough for everyday use, either morning or night. We recommend using Myolift or Myolift 600 devices every other day, for 5-20 minutes per treatment. For the first 60 days we recommend using MyoLift Mini or MyoLift 600 1-3 times a week for one month. Then monthly/bi-monthly for maintenance.

How do I know it's working?

If you are seeing a solid conductive bar, that means that there are currentsconducting across your skin. The conductivity bar will flashing means you are not conducting. Make sure you are using a good amount of gel primer and you are hydrated.

What if the conductive bar continues to blink or stays solid?

Blinking - you are not conducting. Either you didn’t apply enough gel, the gel has dried, or the spheres are not completely touching the skin.

- Are you on Level 2-Erase and working on “thinner” skin? Switch to Level 1 and do eyes, crows feet and above/under lip and see if the conductivity stops blinking. If it does, go ahead and switch back to Level 2 and finish your treatment.

- Dehydrated - if the gel is drying quickly you are most likely dehydrated. This will contribute to the conductivity bar blinking. Spray some RePlenish Spritzer on before putting on the gel. Then if the gel gets tacky, just spray some Replenish Spritzer to reactivate the gel.

- Change the angle of the sphere.

Stays Solid - With the unit on, test the applicator by slightly touching the two applicator metallic parts together. If the conductivity bar still doesn’t turn solid, then there is an issue with the applicator and we will send a replacement.

The probes seem to not separate and it doesn't give me much room to work with them.

Please feel free to pull the wires to the probes apart as much as you like.

Why does the conductivity bar blink when I'm doing my neck?

You want to use Educate level 1 on the neck, forehead and under the eyes. The reason is because it’s an area on the face that the skin is thin. There are some instances when a person may have a thicker neck and you will be able to use Educate level 2. Your conductivity bar will let you know by whether it stays solid or blinks.

Pinch and hold on the forehead?

There is not enough skin on the forehead and it will be more of a glide in that area. You are still working on the frontalis muscle. What Mode Do I Use For Surface Wrinkles? Erase mode can be used on surface lines/wrinkles on the face and neck. The movements are quicker, and should be made the opposite way of the wrinkle. If the wrinkle is horizontal you are going to do your movements vertically.

What mode do I use for surface wrinkles?

Erase mode can be used on surface lines/wrinkles on the face and neck. The movements are quicker, and should be made the opposite way of the wrinkle. If the wrinkle is horizontal you are going to do your movements vertically.

When do I use educate/erase level 1 and level 2?

Level 1 works the surface muscles and level 2 is for the deeper muscles. You can work on level 2 to start with someone who has looser skin, but not on the forehead, under the eyes, and neck (unless the neck is thicker).

Can I do longer treatments or hold longer?

Yes, if there is an area of concern, or maybe lots of loose skin or deep wrinkles it’s o.k. to spend more time on those areas. It’s also ok to hold the pinch longer on areas if it’s a problem area for the client.

Which mode do I start with: educate or erase?

We recommend starting with Erase to relax or lengthen the muscles, and then use the Educate to shorten or tighten the muscles.

Should my movements be fast or slow?

Microcurrent technology should be slower movements. You will get a better result if you s l o w d o w n.

How are educate and erase different?

Each one is a difference frequency (wave pattern). The waveforms are the “key” that tell the muscle whether you want to lengthen or shorten.

Can I use microcurrent on the decollete?

We do not recommend using it close to the heart. We were FDA cleared to only use this device on the facial muscles.

What does the conductivity gel do?

Conductivity gel helps to reduce the resistance of the skin so the microcurrent can reach the area you want to work on. Our special, dual-action conductive treatment gels are the industry’s first conductive gels with purpose! 7E is the first company to synergize the science of microcurrent machines and technology with the health and well-being of the skin through active products and result oriented treatments! We formulated three unique conductive treatment gels for specific skin types. This creation has bridged the gap in treating the muscles and treating the skin simultaneously with microcurrent therapy. There is something for everyone when it comes to our line of gels. Read more here!

Will I see visible results?

Yes, we recommend you take a picture of your client before the treatment and only do one half of the face. Then your client will be able to see the difference. Remember microcurrent results can be subtle. It also depends on the age, skin condition, hydration, poor diet, medication, stress. There are many factors as to how fast your client will respond to the treatment. Remember this treatment is cumulative so focus on the areas that you are seeing results in. Help your client to understand you’re not able to give them a result that a surgical face lift can, but help them to be realistic about what microcurrent can do. Have before/after photos available for them to see.

Conductivity gloves?

You will use the gloves the same way you use the probes. You are still able to do Educate and Erase. You will want to wear latex, vinyl or nitrile gloves under the conductivity gloves so all of the current goes to your clients and not to your hands 

To Clean: You can wash the gloves with an antibacterial soap and air dry. Do not use caustic cleaners (ie: barbicide or quats). Read our blog on how to clean your gloves here!

My MyoLift doesn't work / turn on when plugged into the wall!

This is a safety feature; the MyoLift Mini or MyoLift 600 will not turn on when plugged into a wall for charging. Your MyoLift Mini and MyoLift 600 comes pre-charged right out of the box and will last for many uses. Only plug into the wall for charging needs.

Will Myolift help with chest wrinkles?

No, we are FDA cleared for the face only.

Where can I buy more gel?

Is there a negative and positive current in the tips?

Yes. The tips are separated as one negative and the other positive, but you don’t needto worry which one is which; they just need to be used together.

Do I use one probe on one side and the another probe on the other side?

No. You cannot use one probe on one side and the other probe on the other side. They both need to be close together on each area of the face.

Product Features

- Non-invasive

- Progressive not aggressive 

- Anti-aging benefits without down time

- Results are cumulative 

- Performed in a series for optimal results 

- FDA-cleared over-the-counter microcurrent device 

- Unique design helps accurate and consistent delivery of micro current

- Portable and lightweight with rechargeable battery system

What if I have sensitive skin?

We do have a conductive gel for sensitive skin. You can purchase it here on our website. It is called ReNu Conductive Gel.

How often do I recharge the battery?

The battery indicator on the screen shows how much charge is left. If the charge is lessthan half, you will need to recharge the unit. If you see the unit is not turning on (nothing will be visible on the LCD), then you definitely will want to recharge the unit.

Microcurrent and acne / scarring

Microcurrent targets unwanted bacteria and acne scarring. Plus, it's effective in treating acne as it destroys the bacteria, while encouraging the healing process without harming healthy skin.

How long does the battery last?

The battery will last at least 8 hours.

How long does it take to recharge the battery?

It will take about 2-3 hours. You may want to charge it on an overnight basis.

What training and support do you provide? Do you offer hands-on training?

We offer free, online monthly webinars for the Myolift. Please contact us for more information. We also have a closed Facebook page open to all licensed estheticians who own one of our devices. We post training events, all videos, and great feedback from our wonderful group of estheticians. Read more about all 7E Wellness education and support here!

Myolift MD (Formerly Ultra) FAQ

What is the MyoLift™ MD?

The MyoLift™ MD is our FDA-cleared and clinically proven device that gives you the power of True Microcurrent. From toning and lifting to treating acne and hyperpigmentation, MyoLift MD offers True Microcurrent for immediate and cumulative results. Eight different non-invasive skin care programs are designed to complement in-spa/ aestheticians treatments and provide a new channel to enhance revenues for your spa/practice. This is the only device that has a specific waveform for Lymphatic Drainage.

MyoLift™ MD has more frequencies than any technology on the market. What does that mean to me?

MyoLift™ MD offers True Microcurrent for immediate and cumulative results.Eight different non-invasive skin care programs are designed to complement in-spa /aestheticians treatments and provide a new channel to enhance revenues for your spa /practice. It is the simplest and easiest clinical model to work with...guaranteed.

Does that mean that the MyoLift™ MD is more powerful and has more current than the MyoLift™ Mini or MyoLift™ 600?

Yes. MyoLift™ 600 and MyoLift™ Mini are battery-operated in comparison to MyoLift™ MD, which has a power supply and it goes up to 800 microamps. 

What type of results will I see?

Most of our users see results after their first treatment; however, results may vary. We recommend taking before/after photos and lifting half of the face to compare. Results are cumulative and optimal results are achieved with regular use. Typical results improve contour along the jawline and cheeks, improved skin tone, softer, firmer and smoother skin with a reduction of fine lines and wrinkles.


CIRCULATION: Stimulates the epidermal and dermal blood circulation. It also has an activating effect on the lymphatic circulation. 

LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE: Works on connective tissue, providing increased nourishment of the epidermis and detoxifies by activating the lymphatic system,ridding the tissue of waste, so reducing puffiness and fluidRetention. Also helps in improving texture.

LIGHT LIFT: Reprogramming muscles or modifying length. Firming up loose Picture of wavetissue. Toning of dermis and reducing pore size. Works on theSurface muscles. 

DEEP LIFT: Reprogramming muscles into a relaxed state, helping reduce appearance of deep rooted wrinkles.

FIRMING MODE: This program concentrates on the epidermis and dermis. Refines texture and reduces fine lines and wrinkles. Increasesthe regenerative process - firming tissue.

EDUCATE: New combination waveform incorporating square and in-built sine wave, hence reaching muscles from surface to deeperlevel, bring muscle re-education, toning and lifting effect. 

IONTOPHORESIS: Allows ionized substances, in this case - collagen and elastin, to pass into the epidermis of the skin with the aid of a galvanic current.Collagen and elastin promote the natural regenerative process ofthe skin and give added tone and elasticity to the tissue. 

ERASE: New waveform that helps in reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It also helps in reducing large pores softening scartissue - refining the texture of the skin. Re-educates the muscles toRelax or lengthen.  


Requests for returns purchased from 7E Wellness must be received within 30 days of delivery for an exchange or full refund of the price of the device (less original shipping and handling fee). Please include the original packing slip or order number. If you are returning an item, please note return shipping charges are the responsibility of the customer. We can only issue refunds to products purchased directly through 7E Wellness. There is a $199 restocking fee for the MyoLift™ 600 and a $299 restocking fee for the MyoLift™ MD.

If you received your product damaged during shipping, please save the damaged box and product(s) and create return below. 

If you received the device as a gift and you need to return or exchange it, please note that you will receive a credit for the value of your return once we receive the returned item(s).

Return merchandise authorization (RMA) forms

All returns require a Return Merchandise Authorize number to arrange the appropriate return or exchange.
Request a Return Merchandise Authorization number.

RMA Instructions

1. Call 7E Customer Support at 888-412-3160 to obtain RMA number.
2. Make sure your applicators are clean and disinfected.
3. Make sure the box is packaged with bubble wrap or peanuts to avoid any damage to the device during shipping.
4. Completely fill out the RMA form. Print a copy and place the form in the box with the item(s) being returned.
5. Clearly mark the outside of the box with the RMA number.
6. Ship the item(s) to address on the RMA form. 

Warranty Coverage

The MyoLift™ Mini and MyoLift™ 600 are warranted to the original consumer for a period of one from the original purchase date. When you register your device online, you will get another year free on your warranty. The MyoLift™ MD is warranted to the original consumer for a period of three years from the original purchase date. You can purchase two additional years for $199. The devices are warranted against defective materials or workmanship. This warranty is null and void if the product has been damaged by accident, misuse, neglect, improper service, or repaired by unauthorized personnel. This warranty does not extend to any devices that have been altered or modified, or to damage of products or parts that have had the serial number removed, altered, defaced, or rendered illegible. The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear or replacement of adapter, elastic, electrical cord, applicators and other accessories. For in-service warranty service for a product covered under the warranty period, no charge is made for service and return postage. Please return the product insured, packed with sufficient protection, postage insurance, prepaid to the address. Customer’s duty/brokerage fee, if any, must be paid by the consumer.  

Out Of Warranty Service

Charges will be rendered for repairs made to the product after the expiration of the two (2) year warranty on the MyoLift™ Mini and MyoLift™ 600 or the three (3) year warranty on the MyoLift™ MD. We cannot assume responsibility for loss or damage during shipping. For your protection, please pack the product properly and insure it with the shipping company. Please send a copy of your sales receipt or other proof of purchase to determine warranty status. COD shipments will not be accepted.Please call Customer Support at 888-412-3169 to get a quote for charges. 


We ship USPS or UPS. Standard ground shipping orders ship within 5-7 business days after your order is placed.


USPS Priority Map

Do you ship Internationally?

Yes, we do ship internationally. Shipping rate internationally ranges from $58 to $75, with a process time of 3-5 days from our warehouse in Florida.

Shipping cost domestic?

Domestic shipping cost is $7.99 with a process time of 5-7 days from our warehouse.