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Science for WELLNESS

We provide the best microcurrent machines and technologies for Health, Wellness and Beauty professionals worldwide

ABOUT 7E Wellness

As the trend toward Holistic health and beauty methods persists, more people are pulling away from invasive and surgical procedures. We offer elite at-home and professional grade microcurrent machines with result-oriented protocols. We support aestheticians, weight-loss centers, medical spas and spa owners with education, training and ongoing innovative protocols that provide immediate results using our FDA-cleared and non-invasive products.



Through enriched presentations and instructions notes for consistent delivery of information


Accommodating the high demand for non-invasive professional skin care.


Real-time advice, tips and support for customers around the world via interactive online portal for device owners.


Pooja Johari started 7E Wellness in 2008 after obtaining her Master's of Science degree in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Southern California. She founded 7E with a drive to empower beauty & wellness professionals with devices and education to help them gain a competitive advantage. Pooja's unique holistic approach to wellness has intrigued and inspired professionals around the country. She is experienced in running successfully her own Spa while training twenty-one other 7E Spa locations. She provides hands-on training for professionals not only to educate and enhance their creativity with 7E tools, but also to understand their needs & receive feedback to constantly advance 7E devices. This approach allows 7E to continue designing the best microcurrent machines on the market.

Our Team

Today 7E Wellness is the market leader in advanced and professional microcurrent technology, presenting at key trade shows, providing education to the industry, utilized by leading names in skincare, body contouring and EMS body sculpt, leading research and development in microcurrent technology. Our team consists of educators, product support managers & product fulfillment experts. 7E is headquartered in San Diego and is leading innovation in holistic and natural beauty.

Pooja Johari

CEO / Founder

Tejas Shah

COO / Co-Founder

Lynda NelsoN

Licensed Esthetician

jacque forte

Licensed Esthetician

Beth Deblase

Educator / Trainer

Jennifer Ayers

Educator / Trainer

Digital Marketing Lead

Educator / Trainer

Isabel Calleros

Aesthetics Education Development


Are you a current owner of 7E Wellness product? Join the 7E Wellness Facebook group where we have created educational platform to learn and share our experiences. No sales talk. Only education. This group is a closed, invitation-only group for existing customers. We believe each professional customer is a unique artist dealing with different skin conditions and working with different tools and products to deliver premium skin therapy with immediate results



Have you been performing facials for more than 5 years? Are you an early adopter of technology and want to try the latest? Are you a creative thinker always exploring new ways of working with the skin or body? Have you worked with 7E microcurrent machines and technology? Are you ready to share your experience and learn from others?