MyoLift™ QT Plus Facial Toning Device

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Comes with all premium app features for a lifetime

BASE MEMBERSHIP: The base MyoLift™ QT allows you to try out our premium app features free for 30 days. After that you will have the option to upgrade to a monthly, yearly, or lifetime membership.

Base App Features: My plan, live webinars, customer support & app free mode.

LIFETIME PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP: The Lifetime MyoLift™ QT comes with all premium app features for an unlimited amount of time. 

Lifetime App Features: My plan, live webinars, customer support & app free mode,rewards, custom sessions, 1:1 esthetician connect & Ai skin analysis

Microcurrent Treatment Benefits

✓Lifted skin for more youthful appearance

✓Reduce fine lines and wrinkles

✓Prevent future fine line and wrinkles

✓Facial contouring to define cheekbones and chin

✓Improves skins texture

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Our New And Improved QT+ App


Take your MyoLift™ QT Plus anywhere with this new app free mode! This allows you to use the device without a smartphone,right out of the box,making treatments even easier. Simply choose your desired intensity level and the app will allow you to do 5 minutes on Stretch Mode and 10 minutes on Lift mode. 


The MyoLift™ QT now comes with the ability to purchase a premium membership. Purchase the device for $229 only and try out all premium app features free for 30 days! After that you can upgrade to a premium monthly, yearly, or lifetime membership.  All devices purchased prior to 1/12/24 will automatically come with a lifetime premium membership. 


Experience the power of AI to understand your skin better. This scientifically validated tool will empower even the most inexperienced users to treat their skin and track their results with the accuracy and understanding of a professional.

This revolutionary tool uses real-time image analysis based on parameters such as Moisture Levels, Wrinkle formations and Firmness. Get noticeable results effortlessly with this powerful anti-aging device.

Personalized Treatments

After completing a series of questions around your skin concerns and goals, the app will generate a personal treatment plan for you to easily follow along!

These treatments are diversified and vary from beginner to advance depending upon your skin analysis!

Follow Along Videos

Enjoy uniquely curated protocols for all different types of treatments! These treatments range from full face, to quick minute eyebrow lifts!


Earn rewards by completing treatments and following your personalized journey. Use these rewards as credit towards a 7E purchase!

Esthetician 1 On 1 Access

Take advantage of our library of estheticians and connect one on one with a local professional in your area

Live Webinars

Join us weekly for free webinars on various microcurrent topics, lead by one of our professional team members.

Learn more about the MyoLift QT and educate yourself for free!

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