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Professional Microcurrent Facial Now Available at home

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Myolift QT™ microcurrent device uses Smart Current™ Technology, which allows for customized, professional grade treatments and long-lasting results.

Delivers upto 400 microamps of microcurrent intensity in a portable, handheld machine perfect for at home spa treatment.
Pre-set facial treatments, follow along tutorials and tips all available conveniently at click of button on the Myolift QT app.
Proprietary mask accessories and applicators allow a hands free, targeted treatment for lip, eye and forehead.
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Uplift face
in just Minutes


Lift Treatment

This option utilizes our Conductive Eye Mask and allows you to perform a hands-free treatment around the eyes.


Lift Treatment

This option utilizes our Conductive Lip Mask and allows you to perform a hands-free treatment around the mouth.


Lift Treatment

This option utilizes the device's dual-tip probes for a quick, powerful full face lifting and toning treatment.

Your Face Would
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Even Skin Tone




Learn More About Microcurrent


Simpler movements that help you bring at-home microcurrent facials more easily into your daily routine.


MyoLift ™ devices use FDA cleared technology for facial recognition.


The combination of microcurrent frequencies and intensities creates optimum skin lift.


Precision in delivery helps the microcurrent reach different depths of penetration.


MyoLift ™ QT stimulates the skin cells and facial muscles for faster results.


MyoLift ™ QT utilizing Smart Current ™ technology stands out as the most advanced & customizable

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Hear What Our Clients Are Saying...

The Myolift Mini device is excellent and really enjoying it. You learn really quickly with online tutorials, really fun and relaxing and the results though subtle are visible after first use!

- Amanda Turner

I have been using the QT device two to three times a week. My skin looks firmer, lifted and glowy. This device truly works!

- Korina

Fabulous and Convenient to Use Myolift QT. Great device. Easy to use and excellent customer service.

- Lily
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