2 ROI Factors to Consider when Buying a Microcurrent Machine

2 ROI Factors to Consider when Buying a Microcurrent Machine - 7E Wellness

All beauty professionals know that investing in various devices and equipment is a calculated risk. The intent is to select the best tools to service your current clients and attract new ones, while staying ahead of the beauty curve. These days microcurrent facials are surging in popularity, so many spas & salons are beginning to think to buy microcurrent machine. The biggest question is always related to price, but here are two very simple points to consider that will help making the decision on an important investment for better spa revenue management and calculate ROI.

Here are the top two factors to note:


Learning Curve of Microcurrent Machine

The sooner you can use the device confidently, the sooner you can monetize by booking microcurrent facial treatment. If the device is extremely complicated & there are several lessons needed, that is probably a device that you want to reconsider. Usage should be intuitive & with just a few moves, you are on your way. Be sure to ask how complex the instructions are & exactly what steps are needed for education before usage. This way, there are no surprises.


Price of the Microcurrent Machine

The more expensive the device, the longer it takes to reach your break-even point and maximize spa ROI. Be sure that you are not over-paying for any of your professional beauty devices. Often times there is a significant cost-savings by purchasing a product of equal value that may be manufactured outside of the country. If the country of origin is that which is known for tech leadership, such as that which even Silicon Valley out-sources to regularly, then the device may be one to be considered. Labor and parts may simply exist at a lower rate due to lower cost-of-living expenses. Thus you can buy professional microcurrent machine at a lower rate and begin increasing revenue sooner by paying for what is a lower cost of your device at the beginning. 

Buying your devices should be a pleasurable experience. When you have the exact knowledge about what questions to ask, know that the learning curve of microcurrent machine will be less; then you have the confidence to make the best decision for your business.