4-Step Guide on How To Buy a Facial Device

March 25, 2018

4-Step Guide on How To Buy a Facial Device | 7E Wellness

Purchasing the latest tech devices such as microcurrent facial machines or lasers is something that every spa or salon owner wants, yet he or she is often hesitant due to the fact that there is not enough unbiased information available to help in the decision-making process. We decided to ask National Aesthetic Spa Network (NASN) founder, Denise Fuller how she counsels her members in this situation. Fortunately there are quick and easy ways that helps in how to buy facial devices.

1) “First,” says Fuller, “apply a simple formula to purchasing equipment whether a high ticket item such as laser or a professional microcurrent machine. What I suggest is looking at the following:

Enter cost of purchase_________________

Enter estimated clients per week_________

Enter your price per treatment____________

Weekly Revenue________________________

Monthly Revenue_________________(weekly revenue X 4.3 weeks per month)

Equipment and system payoff achieved in_________________

2) “Then,” she continues, “I strongly recommend that you look into purchasing equipment that is new and offers a warranty. Buying a used laser may save money, however in the long run it could cost even more to maintain. Plus, the downtime of equipment being repaired means clients are not being seen and revenue is being lost.” Fuller cautions that faulty products could lead to costly lawsuits so to be wise in making certain that no short cuts are taken and that everyone who will be using the devices is well-trained.

3) “I then suggest that an owner make sure that the investment in equipment is efficient and made to last for years. Be clear on exactly what you are getting and for how much time,” explains Fuller. 

Fuller adds that the due to amazing effects from microcurrent machines for toning and lifting of skin, it becomes an excellent choice. “Many spas see the benefit of having a microcurrent machine and ROI can be made quicker than a more expensive piece of equipment,” she adds.

4) In addition, Fuller suggests that in order to achieve a high ROI, one’s equipment that will produce excellent and consistent results and be multi-functional and treat a variety of skin challenges. So be very clear in asking about the various microcurrent waveforms and what they accomplish.

“No matter which equipment is purchased, remember that client services and treatments are what pay off the device,” says Fuller. “A unused laser or microcurrent machine will be not lead to a healthy return on investment.”

So consider these quick tips on how to buy facial device before making the purchase and then start marketing your new services with the tips given in our previous blogs. 

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