5 Ways to Build Trust with New Clients

March 13, 2019

5 Ways to Build Trust with New Clients | 7E Wellness

In order to build a loyal client base it is crucial to build a solid foundation of trust. Think about some of the services you invest in: car maintenance, hair care, dentistry, physicians-- even brunch restaurants! We are creatures of habit and we like to stick with one trusted person or brand for as long as we possibly can. That all happens because of trust.

The question is, how can we create a sense of trust before we even provide services to our clients? Today, we're going to answer that question.

1. Create a welcoming and homey environment.

Where do you feel most comfortable and free to be yourself? Home sweet home, baby! When you create a business environment that is warm, welcoming and homey, your clients will automatically be put at ease. Invest in cozy chairs, fun decor, or mini water bottles. Going the extra mile never hurts!

comy work environment waiting room

2. Share YOU.

Let's be honest, it is hard to trust someone you don't know. Allow your personality to show (while maintaining a sense of professionalism, of course) in your place of work. Your clients are looking for businesses and service providers that they can be themselves around, so share pieces of your life that give your clients something to connect with. 

share your personality with your clients

3. Educate your clients.

Showing your expertise of your field builds a sense of trust between you and your client and gives them an opportunity to see your passion for your craft. Did you know, sixty percent of US men & women feel uninformed about proper skin cleansing methods? This means you have an opportunity, at the very least, to help your clients understand basic skin care hygiene. Help your clients identify their skin type and ingredients to look for or avoid, and habits that may be irritating their skin. Even if they don't continue to use your services, they will be more informed in their product and behavior choices.

educating your clients to build a sense of trust

4. Help them save money & time.

This might sound counter-intuitive, but let your clients know how you are going to help them save money& time with your services. By doing so, you are showing them you respect their most valuable resources. One way that you save clients time & money with 7E Wellness products is by using our dual-action conductivity gels to treat their specific skin conditions (acneic, oily, dry, or mature skin) while also providing the lifting and toning benefits of a microcurrent facial.

respecting your clients time and money will create trust

5. Follow up.

"Following up with customers and clients can be one of the most important business actions a business owner can take" says Wanda Baader with Strategize Your Success. After meeting with your client, contact them to thank them for choosing your services and give them an opportunity to ask more questions and provide feedback. Show that you are continuing to grow and perfect your craft and you rely on your trusted (😉) clients to help you do so. 

following up with clients builds trust

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