7 Elements You Should Celebrate This Month

7 Elements You Should Celebrate This Month - 7E Wellness

Microcurrent Meets Mindfulness: Celebrating National Wellness Month With 7E


As it just so happens, August is National Wellness Month, meaning the entire month is devoted to focusing on self care, managing stress, and building healthful habits into your lifestyle. And being that we’re a brand founded around the importance of wellness, we think this is the perfect time to touch on some of the core values that encompass our mission.

The name of our company, 7E Wellness, was chosen to represent seven elements of wellness - each of which we believe are integral to building a practice of everyday beauty rituals. Our seven key concepts include:


  • Balance 
  • Energize  
  • Mindful 
  • Grounding 
  • Detox 
  • Stress Free 
  • Stimulate 


These seven elements were chosen specifically because we believe that when combined, they are essential to helping women enhance their inherent beauty, both inside and out. When creating our line of products, we continually come back to these values, choosing only non-invasive formulas and technologies that support holistic skincare and beauty.

How can microcurrent be used to support wellness? 


#1: Create daily routines that are grounding and energizing

Although there are plenty of practical benefits to practicing a consistent skincare routine, the opportunity to enjoy self care is perhaps one of the most powerful aspects. Setting aside a few minutes for a quick microcurrent treatment and applying your favorite products can be an amazing way to reconnect with yourself and re-energize. Or it can also be a relaxing, stress-free moment to look forward to, regardless of any challenges the day might throw your way.


#2: Detox and stimulate your skin 

Of course, as a beauty tool, it’s hard to deny the many proven perks of microcurrent. Because the technology works to infuse your skin with a low-level current, mimicking the body’s own energy, microcurrent can produce serious confidence-boosting effects. It works to stimulate collagen production, tone and lift the facial muscles, as well as encourage lymphatic drainage for an allover healthy glow. 


#3: Find more balance with a mindful minimalist approach 

In recent years, minimalist skincare rituals have been growing in popularity, and with good reason. More and more experts and beauty lovers alike are discovering that you don’t need a ten-step routine with a ton of trendy products. Rather, by investing in a few quality items, you can reduce mental clutter, reclaim some of your time, and still get results. At-home microcurrent is a perfect example of this because it can be used to save yourself a trip to the spa, and does the work of multiple treatments using only one modality.

However, you choose to celebrate this August, the most important thing for you to celebrate is yourself. We all deserve self care, and are able to better serve others, when we prioritize wellness. 7E is here to support your beauty and wellness journey, whatever it looks like for you. 


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