Achieve Radiating Skin With This 5 Minute Routine!

Achieve Radiating Skin With This 5 Minute Routine! - 7E Wellness

Establishing a skincare routine for any lifestyle is very attainable and once you know what you need to do, why are you doing it and how often it needs to be done you can get started immediately. The good news is that it should only take you 5 minutes in the morning and evening to address your basic daily skin care needs. 10- and 15-minute sessions can be reserved for when you have more time to spend doing a longer treatment. 

Our skin is influenced by many factors including the environment, sun exposure, health and lifestyle habits. In order for it function properly and stay healthy throughout our lives we need to help protect and nourish it daily. 

5-Minute Morning and Evening Daily Routine.

First Step – Use a cleanser. The best cleansers won’t strip your skin of its natural acid mantle. You will need to consider your skin type when choosing the best cleanser. Cleansers will come as a gel, lotion or cream. Acne prone skin does best with a gel cleanser. A cleaning lotion can be used on normal and combo skin. Cleansing creams are water-in-oil and used to dissolve dirt and makeup. 

Second Step - Use a toner. They remove residue left by cleansers, they restore pH levels and hydrate skin. A great toner is the Replenish Spritzer which contains hyaluronic acid, chamomile and lavender. 

Third Step – Apply a serum. The skin absorbs products through our cells, hair follicles and sebaceous glands. Because serums have smaller molecules they are more easily absorbed and help protect and nourish the skin. Serums are game changers because they target specific skin conditions. They provide vitamins, lipids and antioxidants to our skin.  7eWellness has a hydrating Anti-Aging Peptide Serum with copper peptides that work below the top layers of the skin to re-generate elastin and collagen deep within skin tissue.

Fourth Step- Apply a moisturizer. Daily use of moisturizers (am & pm) and sunscreens (am) help protect our skin from airborne pollutants and the environment. They treat various conditions like redness, aging or dryness. They are designed to help retain water in the layers of the skin. 

10 Minute Session – Once a week if possible. 

First Step – Cleanse with your preferred cleanser. 

Second Step – Exfoliate. Exfoliation removes dead corneum cells from the epidermis. They help the skin appearance and with product absorption. There are physical exfoliates that scrape off dead cells. Often these types of exfoliates contain: polyethylene, jojoba beads, ground nuts and/or seeds. 

Another type of exfoliation is through a naturally occurring chemical exfoliate such as; glycolic, lactic, malic and citric acids. These exfoliates loosen the bonds between cells in the epidermis. Often these types of stronger exfoliates are done by your local esthetician.  

Third Step – Use your favorite serum. Now is a great to use your serum because your skin has been exfoliated making it easier for the serum to absorb into your skin. 

Fourth Step – Do a five minute MyoLift microcurrent treatment. Doing microcurrent after you’ve exfoliated and applied a serum is an optimal time for a treatment. Exfoliated skin accepts the current better and the serum will be pressed into the skin more by means of microcurrent. 

Fifth Step – Moisturizer. 

15 Minute Session – Once a month or as needed if possible. 

First Step - Cleanse.

Second Step - Exfoliate your face and neck.

Third Step-Mask up. Depending upon the ingredient’s, masks provide various benefits to the skin. They can tighten and tone, draw out impurities, clear up blemishes, calm, nourish and brighter our complexion. Masks are either setting or nonsetting.  A nonsetting mask can contain aloe or cucumber which is used for hydration. Setting masks tend to get hard and can contain clay, gypsum or alginate. Clay masks are great for drawing out impurities, they also simulate circulation and tighten the skin. Apply mask to face and neck. Leave your mask on for 10 minutes, if applicable, and longer if you have a few extra minutes. 

Fourth Step -Tone your skin using Replenish Spritzer. 

Fifth Step -Apply an eye cream. Eye creams help protect the thin delicate skin around our eyes. They help decrease puffiness and reduce fine lines. 

Sixth Step. Moisturize entire face and neck. 

Incorporating these simple steps into a daily and weekly routine will help your skin feel and look healthy throughout your lifetime.