Anatomy of a Facial | Segment 1 | Cleanse

Anatomy of a Facial | Segment 1 | Cleanse - 7E Wellness

Part 2  | Segment 1 |  Cleanse

Part 2 - Segment 1 | Cleanse

Today we will continue our Topic of Anatomy of a Facial. But before we get started, we recommend a quick review of the first part of this blog series: Introduction to the Facial Time Wheel Management Concepts.

Last week we discussed the benefits of Mastering the Facial Time Wheel Management Concepts for both the professional and the client. We hope you found the information interesting and easy to integrate into your current protocol.

The previous discussion looked into:

  1. Time management in a facial by introducing the Facial Time Wheel;
  2. Value of your services and how to proportion your time into a service so that you give the best service in the allotted time frame;  
  3. Importance in the consistency in your facial services;
  4. Keeping your client satisfied with your services.

You may be wondering why this information is important for your facial business.

Have you ever felt like you can be doing more for your client but don’t know what you are missing in your facial treatments?  

Sometimes the answer is in plain sight. More often than not, you have all the tools, products, supplies and some equipment you need, but you need extra insight on how these resources can work together for effective results.  

Begin by asking yourself these 5 questions:

  1. Are you losing value by not performing a complete task in each segment of a facial?  
  2. Are you providing your clients' with the best value for their dollar or taking short cuts?  
  3. Have you ever wondered how you can improve your facial techniques?  
  4. Do you incorporate any modalities into your services to enhance your results (for example, microcurrent)?
  5. Do you lose enthusiasm by repeating the same steps over and over again with no improvement?

If you answered yes to any one of these questions, this is the ideal opportunity to re-evaluate your facial protocols segment by segment. That might sound overwhelming, but have no fear - 7E Wellness is here to assist you!  

Over the next few posts, we will discuss one segment of the Facial Time Wheel at a time. We will explain, in detail, what is supposed to transpire during each segment of the treatment so you can provide premium treatment for your client. Some of this information may be review and some may be new to you.

So let’s move on to Part 2 of our series-Anatomy of a Facial.


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Our topic for today is Segment 1 of the Facial Time Wheel - Cleansing the Skin

Blog Objectives:

  • Purpose of a thorough cleansing
  • The 8 steps to consider during the cleansing process
  • The 5 tips to satisfy your clients' during the cleansing process
  • Mastering the Facial Time Wheel Concept

This first 15 minutes of any facial service is critically important to ensure you are starting with a clean canvas. During this segment, the skin will be thoroughly cleansed and you have analyzed the skin with a treatment plan. This will also better prepare you for the decisions and choices you will have to make in technique, facial modalities, and product selection.


Proper facial cleansing techniques and aspects

The 8 steps you will consider during the cleansing process are as follows:

  1. The use of steam or no steam
    1. Steam is a great modality to soften a thick horney layer of the skin  
    2. Not to be used on excessively dry skin
  2. Choosing the appropriate cleanser product
  3. Deciding the best cleansing techniques for the skin conditions present
    1. Manual cleansing (hands)
    2. Electric or manual facial brush (create for circulation and minor topical exfoliation)
    3. Ultra-Sonic Spatula-deep pore cleansing of the skin through iontophoresis
  1.   Selection of toner and application
  2.   Charting and documenting skin analysis & face mapping findings
  3.   Facial selection and “Plan of Treatment” for 3 future visits.
  4.   Before and after photos if needed
  5.   Home care recommendations

The whole purpose of providing better services and treatments is for your client’s satisfaction. As a reminder, client satisfaction refers to how satisfied your client is that you are are in business and providing services.


client satisfaction, best facial techniques, best skin care protocol

Here are 5 Key Tips to ensure client satisfaction during the cleansing process

  1. You took your time and provided a thorough skin analysis and consultation.
  2. You explained to them the use of the appropriate cleansing technique and products
  3. The client felt their skin clean, refreshed and oil free
  4. You explained to the client that their skin is now prepared for deeper exfoliation or other facial modalities.
  5. The client can now see the importance of using good skin care products at home with your recommended home care products according to skin types and conditions
  6. The client felt relaxed and stress free during the process

Summary: In conclusion, this segment of the facial service is the first step in getting maximum results from the facial service. Making the appropriate choice of products, devices to be used, questions to ask and providing a though skin analysis for the client’s skin types and skin conditions will provide you with a clear picture in deciding on the long-term Plan of Treatment.

Now that you understand the importance of Segment 1 of the Facial Time Wheel you will notice a difference in your client’s skin, attitude of content and the overall appearance of the skin. Now you can review your existing facial protocols and make adjustments as needed.


That’s all for this portion of the blog series! In the next post on Anatomy of a Facial we will discuss Segment 2 - Exfoliation!


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