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Anatomy of a Facial | Segment 4 | Nourish

October 11, 2018

Anatomy of a Facial | Segment 4 | Nourish | 7E Wellness

Part 5 | Segment 4 | Nourish

Part 5 - Segment 4 | Nourish & Hydrate

The fourth segment is referred to as the nourishing & hydrating segment. This is accomplished by using sophisticated serums and masque for the skin’s overall health and wellness. There are many choices in masque that can be used, depending on the product line.



Types of masque choices:

  1. crème masque - less expensive, for dry skin lacking water and oils.
  2. fiber masque - more expensive, for dry skin lacking boosters of concentrated ingredients for nourishing and hydration.
  3. thermal masque - stimulation and increased circulation.
  4. silicone masque - sealer used with serums.
  5. powder/clay masque - used to absorb congestion and excess oils in the skin.
  6. rubber masque - alginate to seal in serums and cool the skin.

Summary: As the final stage of the facial treatment, the skin is ready to be hydrated, nourished and sealed with a selected masque for the specific skin’s needs. Serum and moisturizer are added to leave the skin not only soft and supple but in a healthier state than before.

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