Best Skincare Practices For Fall

Best Skincare Practices For Fall - 7E Wellness

With the new season approaching quick, now is the time to take a look at your skin care regimen and make some changes to it. 

Fall months are typically cooler and dryer, so it’s important your regimen is tweaked to keep your skin healthy and happy. Here are some fall skin care ideas to help with your seasonal transition.

Adding a humidifier to your bedroom is a great way to keep your skin hydrated while you sleep. Since the air is dryer in the fall, a humidifier will help prevent dehydration in the skin so you wake up with soft, dewy skin.

A thicker moisturizer with oils is a must for the face and body. Look for ingredients such as ceramides, lipids, shea butter and jojoba/argan oil. A heavier moisturizer creates an occlusive barrier to lock in hydration on the skin and is best used over a serum.

Exfoliate less frequently. Since the fall weather tends to make our skin more dehydrated and irritated, the skin’s barrier is going to be more sensitized and over exfoliating can make it worse. We recommend exfoliating weekly and following up with a thicker moisturizer.

Humectants are your best friend in the Fall and Winter. Humectants are molecules that bind to water and hold 1000x their weight in water. Common humectants are Honey, Glycerin and Hyaluronic Acid. Be sure to apply these ingredients to damp skin for best results. Grab your MyoLift Mini or QT Plus for a treatment. Microcurrent will not only increase ATP production to produce more collagen and elastin, but it also increases hydration thanks to the current driving water-soluble ingredients deeper into the skin.