How to use Conductive Microcurrent Gloves

How to use Conductive Microcurrent Gloves - 7E Wellness

Microcurrent gloves have seen a huge spike in popularity over the past few months because they are easy to use and yield comparable results to traditional metal ball tip probes. In this blog our goal is to help you understand the similarities and differences between these two mediums of microcurrent delivery so that you can customize these facials to fit your unique needs.

What are microcurrent gloves?

Microcurrent gloves are an accessory designed to be used as an alternative to traditional ball tip probes or cotton tip probes for a microcurrent facial treatment. They are an ideal way to provide a more detail oriented microcurrent treatment to fit you or your client's unique needs for facial lifting and toning. Our pair of 7E conductive microcurrent gloves are 100% silver threaded and low resistance, which makes them easy to glide on the skin. A microcurrent session with these antimicrobial gloves (meaning they act against various microorganisms like bacteria and fungi) will transmit low-level electrical stimulation, targeting microcurrent deep into the skin tissue and leading to an effective reduction of fine lines and wrinkles.

The difference between using ball tip probes and microcurrent gloves.

Is there a difference between using traditional metal ball tip probes for microcurrent treatment and using conductive microcurrent gloves for your facial? Are conductive microcurrent gloves more effective than probes? Is the intensity the same with conductive microcurrent gloves and metal ball tip probes? Let’s dig into this.

When you are using traditional metal ball tip probes for a microcurrent treatment, the current being delivered is more concentrated to one point -- the ball tip! When using the conductive microcurrent gloves the current flows through the whole glove and the whole surface of your hand. Because of this, the current is not as strong. However, one of the most beautiful things about MyoLift™ True Microcurrent™ devices is that you can adjust the intensity. So with our device, you can use a higher intensity when you use your conductive microcurrent gloves. Additionally, if you use less points of contact (for example; two fingers on each hand as opposed to four fingers on each hand), you concentrate the intensity of the microcurrent to those points. That is one way to be more effective and utilize intensity efficiently with your microcurrent gloves for great results. 

Which method is more effective and yields the best results? As far as results go, you can get the same treatment results with either metal ball tip probes or conductive microcurrent gloves. So don’t let that stop you from exploring your options!

Another difference between ball tip probes for microcurrent and conductive gloves is that one requires the use of conductivity gel and one does not. It all has to do with the medium being used. The conductive gloves can retain water and they are able conduct through that. However, the metal probes need gels like ReNu or ReStore as a conductor because they are solid and do not retain the water to conduct the current.

are microcurrent gloves better than probes

Will microcurrent gloves give me faster results?

As mentioned above, the conductive microcurrent gloves will yield the same results as the traditional metal ball tip probes. The way you can ensure quicker results doesn’t necessarily depend on the medium used for delivering the current, but depends more on the consistency of treatments. In your first 30 to 60 days of microcurrent treatments, you should aim to do one treatment a week. After that point, shifting into a maintenance mode with monthly or semi-monthly microcurrent therapy treatments is appropriate. If you aren’t seeing the results you desire with your MyoLift™ Mini at home, you may want to connect with your closest professional MyoLift™ facial provider to see where you can improve! You can use the MyoLift™ Service Provider map on our website to help track down your closest professional MyoLift™ provider.

What are the benefits of the gloves over the probes?

The benefits of using conductive microcurrent gloves in place of traditional metal ball tip probes primarily comes down to preference of you and / or your clients. In a professional setting, many clients find it comforting when conductive microcurrent gloves are used as it brings a sense of connectedness. Home users of MyoLift™ Mini often find that conductive microcurrent gloves are easier to use and maneuver than the classic probes, helping them make full use of suggested Pinch-and-Hold movements. Conductive microcurrent glove users also find that it is easier to “feel” the pressure and movements when they are given the option of using their hands.

In addition to preference, existing skin conditions may help differentiate which method of microcurrent delivery to use. Specifically, if you or your clients are prone to acne breakouts. Due to their antimicrobial properties and silver lining, conductive microcurrent gloves are a more powerful tool in combating acne than traditional metal ball tip probes.

How to use Conductive Microcurrent Gloves with MyoLift™

  1. Unplug the traditional metal ball tip probes from your MyoLift™ microcurrent machine and plug in your lead wire.
  2. Plug your 7E Conductive Glove wire into the lead wire. Gently twist (it will be snug) until the wires are connected.
  3. Put on latex, vinyl or nitrile gloves, then put on your Conductive Gloves.
    1. This step is important! If you do not wear vinyl or nitrile gloves underneath your Conductive Microcurrent Gloves, the current will be exhausted on your hands and will not be delivered or transferred from the glove to the face once contact is made.
  4. Dampen your conductive microcurrent gloves in water. The gloves must be wet in order to conduct the current.
    1. Have a small bowl of water nearby so you can dip your fingers in when necessary to help with conductivity. Remember, you will not need to use conductivity gel with your gloves.
  5. Make sure the MyoLift™ is on and press "Run"
  6. Proceed with treatment.
    1. For help with specific movements, reference training materials in your customer support portal or check out a demo from one of our affiliates, like Jennifer Joyce Beauty!

Cleaning and Maintaining Conductive Microcurrent Gloves

When it comes to cleaning your conductive gloves, please make sure to use neutral detergent or mild antibacterial soap only. In order to prolong the lifespan of the gloves, you must avoid using any detergent or soap with strong acid and / or strong alkali components. Do not twist the gloves after washing to wring out excess water. The conductive microcurrent gloves should air dry to prolong their lifespan. Remember, the gloves contain silver fiber and silver is antibacterial, which helps get rid of bacteria (which is great for acne clients).

Conductive microcurrent gloves are reusable, however if proper care isn’t taken in cleaning them regularly and air drying, you may find yourself needing to replace them. This is why following the above cleaning instructions is important for the longevity of your conductive gloves.

Are microcurrent gloves right for me?

Conductive microcurrent gloves are an excellent solution for you or your clients if you have a hard time getting the hang of our traditional metal ball tip probes. Another alternative in this case would be to utilize our hands-free conductive eye, lip or forehead masks. Conductive microcurrent gloves are also ideal for you and your clients as a preventative skincare option. Specifically, if you would consider yourself or your clients to have acneic skin conductive microcurrent gloves can prevent acne breakouts. This is because of their antimicrobial properties and silver fiber threading, which help rid the skin of bacteria that lead to acne breakouts and unwelcome pimples.