MyoLift™ Gua Sha: Benefits Of This Ayurvedic Accessory

MyoLift™ Gua Sha: Benefits Of This Ayurvedic Accessory - 7E Wellness

For beauty lovers focused on aging gracefully, a common misconception is that facial rejuvenation requires expensive surgery or a regular rotation of Botox and fillers. However, for anyone seeking a more natural approach, all is not lost.

In the realm of holistic skincare, two popular facial massage techniques are proving what’s possible without the need for invasive intervention. Today we’re talking about gua sha, facial fascia release, and what these two amazing treatments can do for your skin.

What is gua sha?

With roots in Traditional Chinese Medicine, gua sha is an ancient practice that entails scraping the surface of the skin with a flat stone or tool. As a therapeutic technique, it is believed that gua sha works by moving stagnant energy in the body, which may help to speed up recovery from injury or illness.

While it was originally used as a full body treatment to address all manner of health concerns, today, gua sha has been adapted and modified by skin care practitioners to achieve a different end result. As it turns out, when a gua sha tool is used to gently stroke the skin, it encourages lymphatic drainage, which has many benefits for contouring, sculpting, and reducing excess fluid retention in the face. It can also be helpful for revitalizing dull skin and bringing out the skin’s natural glow.

What is fascia release?

To understand the concept behind facial fascia release, it’s important to first understand exactly what fascia is and how it’s linked to the skin. Essentially, fascia is a web-like connective tissue made up of mostly collagen, and it’s what gives the skin structure, lift, and tone. When fascia is healthy, it keeps the skin looking supple and youthful, but with age, fascia can start to break down, becoming denser and less pliable. It can also develop adhesions or blockages that inhibit lymphatic drainage and nourishing blood flow to the skin cells. 

Knowing this, many holistic skincare practitioners have turned to myofascial massage to loosen up tight fascia and release any stagnation. This can include hands-on techniques that gently knead and stretch the connective tissue, or it can also be accomplished using a variety of tools – such as rollers, gua sha stones, or facial cupping – to break up tension in the facial muscles.

Similarities, Differences, and How To Choose The Right Holistic Modality For Your Skin

Though gua sha and fascia release have a lot in common, in that they both provide amazing revitalization benefits, there are some differences worth noting. While the primary goal of gua sha is to move lymph, fascia release works at a slightly deeper level, addressing the connective tissue and facial muscles.

Depending on your goals for your skin, both can be beneficial and can even work synergistically, as fascia massage will help to address any adhesion or scar tissue that may be blocking the flow of lymph. In fact, most professional providers who are well-versed in holistic facial rejuvenation will often combine both in one session or protocol, in order to get the best end result.

For anyone looking to practice either approach at home, a good place to start will be gua sha, so that you can get to know your skin, and the structure of your face, at a surface level. Then, once you become comfortable with your practice, you may wish to add in fascia release techniques to enhance the effects. Just be sure to always follow any instructions provided with your facial massage tools, and seek out tutorials created by trained professionals, in order to avoid causing injury or damage to the skin. 

Benefits of Combining Gua Sha + Microcurrent 

A Gua Sha tool is commonly used for tension release and facial massages. When a conductive Gua Sha is used in conjunction with microcurrent, it enhances the results by combining the benefits of both Gua Sha and Microcurrent and saves time in doing the facial treatments. Additionally the benefits are deeper and long lasting. Some of the benefits include:

✓Lymphatic drainage 

✓Blood circulation

✓Activate collagen production

✓Fascia release to ease muscle tension

✓Edema reduction 

✓Boost ATP Production

MyoLift™ Kansa Gua Sha

Our newest accessory, the MyoLift™ Gua Sha is made specifically to work with all our MyoLift™ devices. It is made of Kansa, a highly conductive and healing metal giving you an ayurvedic beauty tool for delivering your microcurrent. Kansa, well known for its “healing powers” amongst the ancient wisdoms of India, is made of a perfect mixture of Copper and Tin. By itself, Kansa boosts immunity, aids flow of energy and balances dosha. When combined with Microcurrent, the results are more pronounced for boosting circulation, reducing inflammation, energizing the skin cells, boosting ATP production bringing a relaxed and lifted facial treatment!