Gain a Competitive Edge by Adding This Product to your Microcurrent Facial

Gain a Competitive Edge by Adding This Product to your Microcurrent Facial - 7E Wellness

Serums are key to today’s skin care procedures. They are primarily becoming more miraculous because serums are leveraging science in the world of beauty in stunning new ways. Even at the consumer level, products such as newest Cle de Peau serum clocking in at $330.00 are selling out.

With such investment & interest that are seeking the latest in offerings, a winning combination is a microcurrent facial and a high-powered serum that keeps your clients coming back for more. 

First, microcurrent machines are effective due to the electrical charge. We have such charges pulsating throughout our bodies. Microcurrent machines replicate the body’s natural patterns by sending small electrical current to the targeted muscle group. Since the current stimulates the muscle reactivating muscle memory, the effect is that or a more youthful appearance.

Beauty professionals are creating a competitive edge by combining such electric facial with special serums infused with everything from oxygen to collagen in order to really power-up the lifting effect.

Says, Mirela Mitan, Founder and CEO of Infinitude Skincare launching in Bergdorf Goodman in New York City next month, “Any serum will have a better activity if it used in conjunction with a microcurrent facial machine. The device will open the pores and increase the penetration of the device.” She continues, “Every year, the technology evolves. Whatever is valuable today can always be updated. Every year, just like iPhones, cosmetics progress. Experts should expect every year, more changes, developments, and new technology.” Mitan focuses on serum treatment that provides revolutionary all-in-one offerings in order to simplify steps for the individual.

Most forward-thinking skin care professionals are now laser-focused on this powerful area of serums and microcurrent facials. Why? Because if you want to reach the Millennial customer base, this is one of the best areas on which to concentrate.

According to marketing research firm the NPD Group, products and services that prepare one’s skin for makeup or a beautiful natural glow are like magnets for the Millennial. This demographic understands that it's easier to prevent than reverse skin aging.

Thus, skin care professionals are pivoting to focus on & communicating about how devices, such as microcurrent machines and products such as serum contribute to overalllong-term healthy skin, rather than quick-fixes. To be able to truly penetrate this market demographic & distinguish your brand from the competition, innovation in serum and facial device usage has a strong play.