MyoLift compared to other Handheld Microcurrent Devices

MyoLift compared to other Handheld Microcurrent Devices - 7E Wellness

It seems like there is a new at-home, handheld microcurrent machine on the market each day in addition to countless other at-home modalities coming to skincare enthusiasts. We want to share the unique specifications of our device, MyoLift™ QT, while also sharing our findings on other popular at-home microcurrent devices. We won’t pretend to know something we don’t! We are only experts in our own technology. For full transparency purposes, the information shared in this article is sourced directly from the websites of the brands in question. We do try to remain as unbiased and transparent as possible in this article to assist you in choosing the best product for your skin health journey! If you need more information on any of the devices discussed in this article, we strongly encourage you to connect with the customer service of the brand in question. If you need more information on MyoLift™ QT, we are more than happy to share any and all information with you.


7E MyoLift™ History: What is MyoLift™?

7E MyoLift™ devices are skin care modalities that utilize True Microcurrent™ Technology. By that, we mean that we deliver technology as advertised. 7E MyoLift™ devices use microcurrent, a small electrical current, to stimulate facial muscles and promote natural processes responsible for keeping our skin healthy and youthful. Our CEO, Pooja Johari, started 7E Wellness in 2008 and has  her Master's of Science degree in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Southern California. She founded 7E with a drive to empower beauty & wellness professionals with devices and education to help them gain a competitive advantage. Pooja's unique holistic approach to wellness has intrigued and inspired professionals around the country. Her vision has always been to provide hands-on training for professionals not only to educate and enhance their creativity with 7E tools, but also to understand their needs & receive feedback to constantly advance 7E devices. This approach is what has allowed 7E to continue designing the best microcurrent machines on the market.


7E MyoLift™ Today

Today, 7E MyoLift™ has expanded from exclusively professional microcurrent devices and education to offering natural, easy-to-use anti aging solutions for non-licensed home users. Our mission is still to offer the most advanced and effective microcurrent technology, but to grow and expand in a way that allows us to offer this technology to anyone seeking natural skin care options. We have developed a sense of pride in our transparency, making our microamp ranges known by users and giving them customization options so that they can decrease or increase the intensity of their at-home microcurrent facial to meet the current needs of their skin health journey.


MyoLift QT compared to other handheld devices

7E MyoLift™ QT for At-Home Microcurrent Facials

About: 7E MyoLift™ QT is the first device created by 7E Wellness with the home user in mind while still maintaining advanced, natural facial lifting and toning capabilities. MyoLift™ QT is an easier way to achieve professional skin health results from home compared to our other device offered for home use, MyoLift™ Mini. The MyoLift™ QT is an FDA approved At-Home Microcurrent Device that works in conjunction with a free mobile app to perform pre-set and / or customized treatments that stimulate facial muscles for lifting, toning, wrinkle reduction and skin radiance over. MyoLift™ QT requires the app for use, as customization options are reflected by and adjusted on the treatment screen. MyoLift™ devices as a whole seem to be the only microcurrent device on the market that provide a conductivity bar, which can ensure the user that they are receiving conductivity (and, if not, can alert them to add more gel, change probe positioning, etc).

The MyoLift™ QT is different from other handheld devices on the market not just in design but in customization capabilities. The design is wand-like with two metal ball probes at the top. Results can be instant, but many experience the most reward from cumulative treatments throughout the week. Treatments can utilize the device’s built-in metal ball tip probes or utilize a variety of attachments (some of which come with the initial purchase) Regardless of which method you choose, our 7E MyoLift™ QT app has how-to videos embedded into the app so you can follow step-by-step directions during your treatment time. For easier, hands-free treatments MyoLift™ QT can be attached to our adhesive Conductive Treatment Masks. We offer Conductive Masks that target the eye area, forehead area and mouth area and with our Lead Wire Splitter accessory you can use two masks simultaneously.

The MyoLift™ QT can also be attached to a pair of our Conductive Gloves, which enhance your at-home microcurrent tool by allowing you to utilize our signature Pinch-and-Hold Movements. Incorporating Pinch-and-Hold movements into your at-home microcurrent facial helps deliver the microcurrent technology directly to the belly of the muscles you are working with for an even more dramatic lifting result on muscles that tend to lax and sag over time. 

Finally, MyoLift™ QT utilizes our dual-action Conductive Treatment gels to target unique skin concerns while also adding a slippage and conductive agent for more effective microcurrent treatment. Our dual-action gels are used during treatment and removed at the end of the treatment. MyoLift™ QT at-home microcurrent treatments vary between 2 and 15 minutes long and can be used daily if desired.

Sensation / Feeling: Our clients have reported that they do feel some tingles while using MyoLift™ QT, however if this ever becomes too much the intensity can be turned down to the lowest setting within the app.

Includes: MyoLift™ QT Device, one Conductive Forehead Mask, one Conductive Eye Mask, one Conductive Lip Mask, one Lead Wire and one 2 fl oz ReStore Conductive Treatment Gel, one USB charging cable, access to our virtual customer support portal.

Price: $299


NuFACE Trinity for At-Home Microcurrent Facials

About: NuFACE is an FDA approved device that has been a leader in at-home microcurrent facial technology for quite some time! They have always offered handheld microcurrent options to non-licensed users and have built their brand in this marketplace. The NuFACE devices are palm-sized and characterized by their large metal ball probes. Their microcurrent machines are popular for their ease-of-use as well as a variety of functional attachments like a red LED light attachment and a smaller tool that helps target the eye area. However none of these attachments offer hands-free capability or Pinch-and-Hold treatment options for a more powerful lift to muscles. The NuFACE website does not list if the current used is  microamps and also the  intensity of their devices, but it is rumored that they provide somewhere between 335 and 400 microamps of intensity. NuFACE uses a leave-on gel as a conductive and slippage agent during treatment.

Sensation / Feeling: In our research, we heard that NuFACE sensations and feelings vary depending on the intensity level and which part of the face the device is used on.

Includes: NuFACE Trinity Device (+ Facial Trainer Attachment), NuFACE Hydrating Leave-On Gel Primer 2 fl oz / 59 mL, Charging Cradle and Power Adapter and a User Manual with a Quick Start Guide.

Price: $325


Foreo Bear for At-Home Microcurrent Facials

About: The Foreo Bear has generated quite the buzz as an up-and-coming at-home microcurrent tool with T-Sonic pulsing sensations. The Foreo Bear is a pocket-sized device with two metal ball probes. In our research, we could not find the microamps or what type of current this device uses but on their website though they do say their device offers a range of intensities for a customized experience. On the app, rather than a reflection of “microamps”, Foreo Bear's intensity has setting levels 5-25. The Foreo Bear is a standalone device that does not work with any attachments. Similar to MyoLift™ QT, the Foreo Bear does have a mobile app that guides you through step-by-step treatments, which our audience has loved with our MyoLift™ QT!

Sensation / Feeling: Because of the T-Sonic pulsing feature of the Foreo Bear, it may feel like more is going on here. However it’s important to note that built-in vibration and pulsing sensations may disguise themselves as microcurrent when, in fact, they are not. Pulsing and vibrating sensations have different effects from microcurrent technology. Foreo Beat uses a serum as a conductive and slippage agent during treatment.

Includes: What we know for sure is that the Foreo Bear comes with the device itself, a small stand and a charging cable. However, it was hard to tell if the Foreo Bear comes with their suggested water-based serum or not to assist with conductivity. After a lot of digging, all we found was a statement on the Sephora website that the serum is sold separately.

Price: $299


ZIIP GX for At-Home Microcurrent Facials

About: The ZIIP for at-home microcurrent facials is a sleek palm-sized device that advertises a combination of microcurrent and nanocurrent technologies. So, as opposed to MyoLift™ QT specializing in True Microcurrent™ technology, the ZIIP utilizes multiple current sources. This is one of the most unique features in the handheld microcurrent arena. Like MyoLift™ QT, the ZIIP device also uses an app to communicate which treatment will be performed at any given time. Unfortunately we could not find any information on the ZIIP website for the amount of microamps this device delivers to the skin, nor does it seem this is a customizable feature within the app or on the device itself. The ZIIP uses conductive gels as a slippage and conducting agent for their treatments. These gels can be left on as a mask for up to 20 minutes after the treatment with the device is completed before being removed.

Sensation / Feeling: In our research, we heard that ZIIP sensations and feelings can include an electrical tingle and a vibration that alerts the user their treatment has been completed.

Includes: The ZIIP GX device, Full-size 80ml Golden Gel pump bottle, 1 charging USB cable, 1 padded travel bag, 1 cleaning cloth, ZIIP GX User Guide.

Price: $495


which handheld microcurrent device is best

Which device will give me better or faster results? Which one is right for me?

It’s hard to say which handheld microcurrent device will give you the best results or will be best for you. With any microcurrent device, you should expect to incorporate cumulative or consistent treatments into your skincare routine to achieve maximum results. All microcurrent treatments, regardless of brand, will build on one another and provide the best results when used consistently over time.

If your primary goal is lifting facial muscles you may prefer MyoLift™ QT because, when used with conductive gloves, you elevate your treatment with advanced Pinch-and-Hold movements for a more direct approach to lifting results. Based on our research, no other handheld microcurrent device allows attachment to this dynamic attachment.

An important factor to consider with many of these handheld devices is their mobile app reliability. If you have a harder time understanding and setting up new-age technologies, a standalone device that doesn’t require a mobile app for use is going to be a more manageable option. 

Customization seems to vary from one unit to the next in the arena of at-home microcurrent devices with some devices, like MyoLift™ QT, offering many customization options and other devices offering little to no customization when it comes to waveform, intensity, time of treatment and more.

Pricing is another factor to keep in mind when deciding which device is right for you. While the prices listed here are for the most popular handheld microcurrent devices listed on each brand’s website, you may want to research further. Each brand seems to provide different kit options, accessory bundles and device models which can lead to a significant increase or decrease in price - but may also mean a significant increase or decrease in effectiveness.

Microcurrent is a fabulous, non-surgical and non-invasive natural skin care modality. All comparisons aside, microcurrent wouldn’t have grown in popularity the way it was if it weren’t an effective way to treat signs of aging and help its users be proactive in skin health. We love that you are doing your research and exploring the best options for you when it comes to expanding your at-home skin care routine and hope we can clear up any confusion -- especially when it comes to MyoLift! So be sure to share your thoughts and questions in the comments, that way we can continue to educate on this topic to the best of our ability.