Sensitive Skin Meets Microcurrent

Sensitive Skin Meets Microcurrent - 7E Wellness

We have partnered up with HALE & HUSH  to bring you the best of both worlds! For the month of July we are bringing you a bundle that treats sensitive skin AND lifts it at the same time!

 Why Microcurrent?

7eWellness is the leader in True Microcurrent devices for both consumers and licensed professionals. Microcurrent is becoming a popular service by Estheticians due to all the great benefits it offers. The treatment is non-invasive, has zero downtime and can be paired with a variety of modalities and brands, like Hale and Hush. Microcurrent is often referred to as a non-invasive facelift because it re-educates facial muscle to tighten, tone and minimize fine lines and wrinkles. Microcurrent increases ATP, cellular energy to produce more collagen and elastin over time. Results are cumulative, so consistency and good skin care regimen is a must.

HALE & HUSH x MyoLift 600 Microcurrent Facial Results Sensitive Skin


Why Hale & Hush?

Hale & Hush is a sensitive skin care line that provides ingredients, products and treatments for those with sensitive and sensitized skin clients.  Their product line focuses on skin challenges and conditions to improve general skin health and works on all ages and skin types. Their line uses botanically correct, and dermatologist tested ingredients that are free of gluten, sulfates, artificial fragrance, and are leaping bunny certified.  Their product line target proper barrier function, can be used to brighten and lighten the skin, has calming and hydrating benefits, and contains anti-glycation and age management ingredients that nourish and help heal the skin. Hale & Hush works very well with other product lines and has many protocols with other modalities and more aggressive treatments. 

Why We Pair Well Together

For those with sensitive skin, a delicate skin care regimen is a must to avoid further irritation, inflammation or redness. When it comes to sensitive skin, HALE & HUSH is the immediate brand that comes to mind by many Estheticians. Microcurrent provides a healing effect on the skin and increases blood flow and circulation due to an increase in ATP production. Because of this, microcurrent is great for those with acne, rosacea or sensitive skin. MyoLift Mini and all our other microcurrent devices pair very well with HALE & HUSH due to the clean ingredients within their products. HALE & HUSH and 7eWellness are the perfect pairing for those with sensitive skin wanting a non-invasive and anti-aging facial. 

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Note: Available to licensed professional only. 


Written Protocol:


Microcurrent Contraindications:

Electrical Implants

Epilepsy; history of seizures

Active Cancer

Pregnant or planning to become pregnant

Heart Conditions (Consult w/Physician)

Diabetes (Consult w/Physician)

Recent Facial Surgery (Consult w/Physician)

See our protocol video below