Understanding Sun Damage

Understanding Sun Damage - 7E Wellness

Each one of us spends time basking in the sunlight getting that wonderful tan but the damage that skin bears may not be worth that temporary glow. Studies say that sun damage occurs whenever your skin is exposed to UVA/B rays of the sun even when a person is not particularly sunbathing. A sun burn can happen in as little as 15 minute’s exposure in the immediate sun and cumulatively may lead to photo-aging, DNA damage and a decrease in collagen and elastin.

It is evident that skin will age however; it becomes more serious and shows up earlier in those with sun damage. The ultraviolet A (UVA) rays affect connective tissue and blood vessels resulting in wrinkles and skin aging whereas the ultraviolet B (UVB) exposure leads to skin reddening and sunburns. The physiological changes occur as a result of unique alterations in the dermal extracellular matrix including glycosaminoglycans. GAGs (glycosaminoglycans) are large carbohydrates that encompass proteins like collagen and elastin and are responsible for skin elasticity and firmness. Oddly dermatologist have seen that glycosaminoglycans level rises in photodamaged skin in comparison to healthy skin but then the location of those GAGs differ. In healthy skin, the GAGs appear in between collagen and elastin fibers however, in photodamaged skin they are found in elastotic material of the superficial dermis where they aren’t doing any good.

How to place the GAGs back to their original position?

Micro-current therapy comes across as a non-invasive answer to put GAGs back in between collagen and elastin fibers. Scientifically known as MENS (micro-current electrical neuromuscular stimulation), micro-current sends painless electric impulses upto 1000 microamps to the cellular level. Any injured area in the body (sunburn skin) has decreased electrical conductance as resistance increases and that leads to enhancement in cellular capacitance.  Mico-current impulses mirror body’s natural current flow and correct application augments the endogenous current flow allowing the cells to regain their capacitance.   The resistance is lowered allowing the bio-electricity to flow leading to re-establishment of homeostasis and placing the GAGS back to their natural position. 7eMyolift works on true microcurrent technology and a complete esthetic system that aids in reducing the sun damage signs. When the probes are places on the skin, a circuit of current travels from one to the other to stimulating the tissue between them. A 20 minute of a session can start to decrease the effects of photo-ageing. Not only that, Myolift micro-current treatment instantly enhances the flow of the blood in facial muscles leading to a glowy skin. Just not those micro-current facials are known to tone and shorten muscle fibers removing the tell-tale signs of aging. No wonder the celebrities are no-more going under the scalpel but using the non-invasive Micro-current treatment.