The Perfect Pre Wedding Facial

The Perfect Pre Wedding Facial - 7E Wellness

Planning your wedding can be a stressful time and wanting to look your best is of the utmost importance.  Most brides are afraid to do anything too aggressive before that big day and that is why MyoLift ™  Microcurrent utilizes one of the industry's cutting edge innovative technologies out there. 

Microcurrent works to stimulate and tone the facial muscles.  It is also known to increase collagen, elastin, circulation, ATP, product penetration and the best part is that it is non-invasive.  There is no down time and the treatment is very relaxing. With the increase of ATP (energy of the skin cell) your skin will have that wonderful glow.  

With so much planning to do there is one thing that the bride will look forward to having done and that is a relaxing facial.  MyoLift ™ microcurrent treatments can be done in a series which you would plan out over a 4 week time frame or it can also be done the day before or the day of your wedding.


Microcurrent is not just for the bride, but can be a great treatment for anyone attending the wedding who wants to look their best!  Who wouldn’t want to look lifted and glowing for that special day!


These treatments are done in a professional setting, but if you can’t make it to the salon for a professional microcurrent treatment you might consider using an at home device, such as our MyoLift Mini or the Myolift QT.

These are great options for you to try at home.  Whether you get a professional treatment or you do it yourself your skin will love it!