The Rise of Microcurrent Technology in Aesthetics

The Rise of Microcurrent Technology in Aesthetics - 7E Wellness

I want to take you back to the beginnings of microcurrent in 1830. Like many technologies we use today, the genesis of microcurrent therapy for aesthetics purposes was accidental! Through his research and experimentation, Dr. Carlos Matteucci found that the body releases energy when it is injured and since then microcurrent became an effective form of therapy for, "treating wounds, soft tissue and bone fracture because of its ability to heal the body at a rate of 250% to 350% faster than someone not using microcurrent therapy." (Joanna Vargas, 2011). It wasn't until a physician using microcurrent to treat Bell’s palsy paralysis that the technology began to spill over and into the aesthetic field.timeline of microcurrent history

In the last 200 years since it's first applications, microcurrent has formed deep roots in both the medical and aesthetics industries. Microcurrent can be found in sports therapy and chiropractic locations to help heal and improve the performance of Olympic athletes, it can be found in medical spas and plastic surgery offices to promote slimming and toning, and (of course) it can be found in many esthetician rooms and beauty spas to help enhance youthful and healthier skin by re-educating facial muscles.

When it comes to microcurrent technology used by your local esthetician, I know many people are still working through mixed information. Having said that, I want to take a moment to highlight the technology and its benefits! Microcurrent is a low level of electrical current that mimics the body’s natural current. This technology helps re-educate the facial muscles to shorten or to lengthen. With microcurrent you will be able to lift sagging skin, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, lift droopy eyelids and improve the tone and texture of the skin. Clients can often see instant results, though microcurrent treatments are traditionally completed in a series and require some upkeep (like any exercise you'd do to maintain healthy muscles). It is a cumulative treatment. give your spa new life with myolift md professional microcurrent treatments


Our FDA-cleared MyoLift™ MD is the top choice for modern microcurrent use in the esthetics and beauty industry for a few reasons. The best aspect of our true microcurrent technology at 7E Wellness is that our microcurrent machines are are easy to learn, easy to use, and provides consistently superior facial lifting and toning results. I think it is important to note that 7E Wellness machines utilize True Microcurrent technology! What makes True Microcurrent a desired feature is that it uses less than 1000 microamps. Because of the low intensity True Microcurrent is typically sub-sensory and should not cause physical or visual contraction of the muscles via the electrical current (contrary to popular belief!). Again, this is the ideal condition for re-educating the muscles in a way that mimics the body's own electrical current, rather than triggering a physiological response to intentional injury (seen in treatments like microneedling). The MyoLift™ MD (Master Device) is the newest upgraded microcurrent machine in the 7E Wellness collection. The intensity of this device goes up to 800 microamps. MyoLift™ MD has eight wave patterns as well as seven preset programs to address different concerns such as: acne, wrinkle reduction, face lifting, rejuvenation, fascia release, pre/post surgery and anti-aging. Each preset has different time settings for you to select from. This machine also has a custom program that allows you to choose your time/intensity for each individual wave form.



We have watched as our microcurrent machines reduce the appearance of paralysis in individuals who have experienced strokes, turn back the time by minimizing deep lines & wrinkles on peoples faces and by lifting the facial muscles to their perky, youthful prime. We have seen true microcurrent therapy by 7E Wellness help injured veterans regain strength to stand on their own again with our Torc Body machine and we have watched inflamed and irritated skin come to a natural glow and softness. The versatility of microcurrent technology continues to leave us speechless... and we've specialized in it for over ten years! Microcurrent treatments are non-invasive, which appeals to those seeking more holistic and natural cosmetic services for enhancing their beauty. All of this makes microcurrent an essential addition to any skin professional's menu services.