Using Microcurrent for Rosacea Treatment

Using Microcurrent for Rosacea Treatment - 7E Wellness
One of the most common condition clients seek out an esthetician for is Rosacea. Clients living with Rosacea experience everything from acne-like breakouts and extreme flushing of the skin to dryness and burning sensations. In an article on Rosacea shared by Healthline, they explain that, "Rosacea’s trademark symptom is small, red, pus-filled bumps on the skin that are present during flare-ups. Typically, rosacea affects only skin on your nose, cheeks, and forehead. Flare-ups often occur in cycles. This means that you will experience symptoms for weeks or months at a time, the symptoms will go away, and then return." Clients visiting you for this condition are likely hoping for services that help with management of symptoms as well as an overall improvement to the health and glow of their skin. It goes without saying, the last thing we want to do is make worse by providing treatments that are too aggressive or create adverse effects.

Our educators at 7E have found that clients with Rosacea are in need of a "healing" facial. This makes Microcurrent Treatments a no-brainer! Microcurrent is not only for lifting and re-educating the muscles, but it is also healing to the skin. When delivering current into the skin and increasing the ATP we gift energy to the skin cells. This energy is just the thing a Rosacea client's skin needs to begin the repair process.

There are many calming products we can use to help, but our team has found the combination of Red LED and Microcurrent to be the most beneficial, leaving most clients with little to no redness at all. Both LED and Microcurrent treatments are famous for their assistance in evening skin tone, which is why this combination is so successful. A recommended protocol for using Red LED and Microcurrent with Rosacea conditions follows:
  1. Use a light enzyme
  2. Use a calming serum
  3. Perform LED treatment
  4. Perform Microcurrent treatment
  5. Apply calming sheet mask

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We are always left in awe at how versatile and powerful Microcurrent treatments are. Red LED isn't the only modality you can combine with Microcurrent. We also has protocols for combining Microcurrent with Radio Frequency and Microdermabrasion. To download all the protocols mentioned, fill out the form below! We will email you printable and downloadable protocols that help you diversify your menu of services.