Conductive Eye Mask

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Eye Mask

Easy to use Facial Mask for Microcurrent Face Lift

Easy, hands-free microcurrent treatment targeting the fine lines and wrinkles around the brow and eye areas. Our Conductive Mask line includes some of the most innovative ways of applying microcurrent to trouble areas on the face.

Reusable for 10-12 treatments or until the conductivity bar no longer stays solid.

Masks do not require the use of conductive gel. 

Masks should not be used with MyoLift™ Triwave while on the Rejuv waveform

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  1. Be careful when using the Conductive Self-adhesive Mask/electrodes on people who tend to display skin rash reactions to the adhesive.  The Self-adhesive Masks/Electrode may cause skin rashes or reddening of the skin with such individuals.
  2. If using the Self-adhesive Electrode/Mask causes a skin rash, redness of the skin, skin irritation, etc. during use, then stop usage.   We do recommend you spritz the skin lightly with our Replenish Spritzer before using the conductive mask or you can use a non irritating water based serum. 
  3. When attaching the Self-adhesive Mask/Electrode, do not place over or in contact with metal items (necklace, piercings) 

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