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Ambassador Benefits


Receive Free Gifts

Eligible for monthly raffles and chance to win 7E facial products


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Earn 5% commission off of every referral sale.


Enjoy Exclusive Discounts

Friends and family will receive 5% discount using your personal code

About Brand

7E Wellness is a holistic beauty brand focusing on revitalizing your skin using natural, non-invasive techniques. As the trend toward holistic health and beauty methods persists, more people are pulling away from invasive and surgical procedures.
We offer FDA-cleared, elite at-home and professional grade microcurrent machines as well as facial serums and accessories. By using our devices and products, we can help you achieve your aesthetic goals in the most natural way possible.

How Does It Work?


Step 1

Sign up for program by filling out form on this page


Step 2

Refer Friends & Share Content


Step 3

Reap Rewards



1. After filling out the sign up form you will receive an email with your personalized code.

2. Promote that code on your social media and by word of mouth to friends and family.

3. Let them know that with this code, they will receive 5% off any order from 7ewellness.com

4. Once a sale is made using your discount code, you will receive 5% commission off of the total sale.



   1. Post a video or photo of yourself using or unboxing one of our products on Instagram or Tik Tok.

2. Use these three hashtags:
#7emyoliftambassador #microcurrent #microcurrentfacial

3. Tag Us

Instagram: @7emyolift | Tik Tok: @7emyolift

4. By completing the three steps above, you will be automatically entered our monthly raffle to receive a free product.

5. Keep an eye out on our social
           pages where we will announce the winner at the   end of each month!


My skin looks firmer, lifted and glowy. This device truly works!” 


I love this little MyoLift QT! It is so simple to use. My skin looks lifted and firmer immediately after using!"




A 7E brand ambassador is someone who embodies the 7E lifestyle and feels passionately about sharing our products/devices. They support non-invasive procedures that help preserve natural beauty. 

There are none! All you need is social media, friends, and one of our products!

After you have filled out the form and been accepted into the program, you will receive a personal code. With that code, you will receive 5% commission on any referral sale made using the code. Not only that, but your friends and family will receive 5% off their first purchase upon using your code. You will also be eligible for our monthly raffle as an ambassador if you post content on either Instagram or Tik Tok. If chosen as the winner, you will receive a free product such as our Anti-Aging Peptide Serum. 

Each month we will be hosting a raffle where everyone that has submitted content on their social media platforms during that month will be automatically entered into the contest.

Here’s how to enter:

  • Post a photo or video of yourself using/unpacking one of our products including accessories, serums, or a MyoLift device on your Instagram and/or Tik Tok feed.
  • For any post you must use these three hashtags:                                                          #7emyoliftambassador  #microcurrent  #microcurrrentfacial
  • Tag us 
    • Instagram: @7emyolift
    • Tik Tok: @7ewellness 

At the end of each month, we will randomly pick one winner who followed all the rules and send them a free product!

By entering the raffle, you are also allowing us to repost any content that you create onto our personal social media platforms and website.

After being accepted into the program, you will receive a personalized code that generates 5% off when used. That referral code will then be yours to promote on social media and give out to family and friends. Once someone makes a purchase on the 7E Wellness website using your code, you will receive 5% commission of the total sale before taxes and shipping.


Upon checking out on our website at 7ewellness.com, your friends and family simply enter your personal code where it asks for a discount code before proceeding to payment. The discount can be used with other promotions and there is no minimum or maximum amount. They receive 5% off percentage off and you receive 5% commission! 

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