These probes are convenient and easy to use with any MyoLift Device.
No conductive gel is needed, just a small amount of our
Replenish Spritzer mixed with water.

Benefits Include

Easier to target muscles
Precise & defined point of contact
Fits any single use, paper brand of cotton tips
No conductive gel needed
Stronger current delivery
Lightweight & comfortable grip

Simply Soak In Replenish Spritzer + Water

Allows You To Isolate Each Muscle

Or Get A Pair For FREE

With The Purchase Of A MyoLift 600 or MyoLift MD
MyoLift Professional Membership
Annual MyoLift Skin Consultation Membership

Note: We will ship Myolift MD and Myolift 600 immediately, while Cotton Tip Probes will be shipped by 10th July.

Cotton Tip
Hydrate & Energize Protocol

“The cotton tip probes are very easy to use, especially when targeting smaller muscles on the face”



MyoLift 600 Cotton Tip Treatment