Eye Mask Conductive Patch
Eye Mask Conductive PatchEye Mask Conductive PatchEye Mask Conductive Patch

Eye Mask Conductive Patch



Easy to use Facial Mask for Microcurrent Face Lift. 

Hands Free Delivery of Microcurrent around the eyes.


  • About Eye Mask
  • Directions for using the Eye Mask

Super easy to apply microcurrent treatment on the forehead, around the eye and cheek. One of the most innovative idea to apply microcurrent on entire face. Reusable for up to 10 times.Quick Tip: Add little water and re-use up-to 20 times!

1. Unplug your “probes” from the device and plug in the lead wire. 

2. Plug the eye mask wires into the lead wires. Gently twist (it will be snug) until the wires are connected. 

3. Remove the plastic piece from the conductivity eye mask. Keep the plastic piece. 

4. Place the mask over the eyes. 

5. Make sure the Myolift is turned on and press “Run”. 

6. Set the time for up to 30 minutes. 

7. Remove the mask and re-place the plastic over the conductivity eye mask. 

8. Put mask in plastic bag.

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