Microcurrent Technology Made Smarter

MyoLift QT™ is your new favorite advanced skin care solution in the comfort of your home. Our team has been working hard to create something that meets the increasing demand for more at-home microcurrent options. The handheld device from 7E MyoLift™ uses Smart Current™ technology, allowing for customized, professional grade treatments and long-lasting results. It’s your perfect combination of natural and scientific skin care. The patent pending technology encompasses decades of research and experience delivering microcurrent energy with precision. Microcurrent therapy has gained popularity in the world of skin care over recent years for its ability to to stimulate the facial muscles with a small electrical current that works with the body’s natural systems to re-energize the facial skin and muscles on a cellular level. MyoLift QT™ makes microcurrent is easier to use from home with convenient technology that delivers current with precision and can be customized to your needs for professional grade results when used consistently.

Why MyoLift QT?

About our MyoLift QT App

MyoLift QT is the next level of modern microcurrent technology with mobile app functionality for both iOS and Android devices! Myolift QT takes the guesswork out by providing preset facial treatments conveniently stored in the free MyoLift QT App on your smartphone. Indulge in quick facial lifting, toning, and wrinkle reduction treatments that keep up with your fast-paced life. With the MyoLift QT smartphone app, you can connect your device, select your customized treatment and accessories, follow step-by-step movements, and visualize conductivity and treatment time to make the most of your at-home microcurrent facial therapy. Microcurrent treatments from home have never been easier or more effective!