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7E MyoLift™ Canvas Carrying Case

Traveling with your MyoLift™ device has never been easier! Now you can bring True Microcurrent™ technology on the go with this convenient and stylish Canvas Carrying Case for your microcurrent machine. The Canvas Carrying Case from 7E Wellness helps you make your MyoLift™ machine more portable than ever. This carrying case for your microcurrent device is ideal for licensed estheticians and professionals who want to offer MyoLift™ microcurrent therapy treatments wherever they go or for those who love MyoLift™ microcurrent and wantto bring it along and look their best on vacations and trips.

The Canvas Carrying Case includes space not only for your MyoLift™ machine, but has slots also for your microcurrent probes, charger, favorite Conductive Treatment Gels, and pockets for your Conductive Eye Mask, Conductive Lip Mask, Conductive Forehead Mask and / or Conductive microcurrent gloves. The Canvas Carrying Case is padded and cushioned to protect your device as you travel from one destination to another. This case will fit either your MyoLift™ 600 True Microcurrent™ Device or your MyoLift™ Mini True Microcurrent™ Device for safe travels. 

PLEASE NOTE: This product does NOT include MyoLift™ Mini or MyoLift™600 Microcurrent Machine. Canvas Carrying Case ONLY.